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Jul, 2023

Shin Guards

Fitting Your Child for Shin Guards

Shin guards play an important role in keeping your child safe on the soccer field. Shins are often the target of missed kicks or flying balls. While the impact can still hurt and shin guards won’t prevent all injuries, they can minimize the impact, pain and bruising that can come with regular soccer contact.

Shin guards have a slightly curved shape to follow the curve of the leg. They cover the front lower portion of the leg at the shinbone. Shin guards go under the soccer socks.

The guards come in two basic styles. One style is a single piece that slips inside the sock. It stays in place because of the tight fit of soccer socks. You can also use athletic tape or a special compression sleeve to keep the shin guards in place. The slip-in style of shin guard allows greater movement and mobility, but it often doesn’t provide as much protection. Because of this, advanced players use these shin guards more often.

The other option includes Velcro straps that go behind the leg to hold the shin guard in place. The Velcro lets you get a snug, secure fit. This style also typically has a stirrup-style strap at the bottom that goes under the foot to prevent the shin guard from moving up and down during play. Some shin guards also include ankle protection in the form of padding attached at the bottom.

For younger players, the strap style of shin guard may work best because it won’t shift. They also tend to offer more coverage. If the straps bother your child, try the slip-in style of shin guards.

No matter what type of shin you choose, getting the proper size is essential to make the guards effective. Shin guard sizing is based on your child’s height not her clothing size. As the size increases, the shin guard gets longer and wider to accommodate the larger leg that typically comes with greater height.

Shin Guard Size Chart

Below is a general sizing chart for soccer shin guards:

  • Small: Fits players up to 5’2” tall
  • Medium: Fits players up to 5’10”
  • Large: Fits players up to 6’4”
  • Extra large: Fits players up to 6’10”

These ranges are general recommendations, but you may find your child needs to go up or down a size for a proper fit. Look for shin guards that go from a couple inches below the knee to above the bend of the ankle for the best protection. Check the manufacturer’s sizing chart on the packaging to select a size for your child, as some brands vary their sizing someone. For instance, Nike offers youth sizes for younger players. adidas offers an extra small size for younger players.

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Catoctin Youth Association Soccer Club, INC - CYASC

PO Box 404 
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Email: [email protected]
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