Majors Division


These rules are modifications for enabling fair and competitive play within the Majors Division.
As such these rules take precedent over the Little League Official Regulations and Playing Rules.
At this level of play, it is important to read the Little League Official Regulations and Playing Rules as the play of the game really starts to be governed by these rules.
The specific rules addressed here are mainly exceptions to those rules or one that need to be highlighted.
Highlighted rules will have the appropriate Little League reference.

Who Can Play?

  • Open to all 9 thru 12 year olds according to Little Age Rules (New Rules as of Jan 2018).  Players will be required to attend an evaluation prior to the start of the season.  These evaluations will determine if they are ready for this level of play.   

Other Specific Rules

  • Runner Restrictions: Tight bases are in force.
  • Pitching: At this level, pitching rules per the Little League Official Regulations and Playing Rules are in effect. These rules are listed under Section VI – Pitchers. Please review these rules so that an illegal pitcher does not enter the game. Little League states eligibility by the number of pitches, so pitch counts need to be documented at this level. The number of pitches thrown in an inning can become quite high and can exceed what the player is capable of physically.
  • Pitcher Conferences: Little League rule 8.06 governs the number of times a coach may confer with a pitcher. In essence, a coach may visit with a pitcher 2 times in an inning. On the third time within an inning, the pitcher must be removed. Total number of times a coach may visit with a pitcher in a game is 3 with the 4th visit resulting in the removal of the pitcher.
  • Time Limit: Six (6) innings with no new inning starting after 2hrs.  
  • Warm-ups: Little League rule 8.03 governs the amount of time it should take for warm-ups. It states that the pitcher shall receive 8 warm-up pitches for the first time he enters the game and 5 warm-up pitches in subsequent innings. In order to speed the play of the game, warm-ups should take no longer than a minute. Further, the total exchange between innings including warm-ups is not to exceed 2 minutes. If it takes longer to place players on the field, then the warm-up of the pitcher will suffer.
  • Over Throws: An over-thrown ball by a defensive player into foul territory will result in base runners being able to advance one more base at their own risk. (i.e., the ball is overthrown at 1st or 3rd). A ball that is overthrown into fair territory (2nd base) is a live ball in which the runners can continue to advance at their risk until the ball is considered dead. 
  • Catcher: All players that play the position of catcher are required to wear a protective cup.
  • Bat Throwing: If a bat is thrown and hits the fence, player, coach or umpire, the player is automatically called out. No Exceptions. If in the opinion of the Chief Umpire, the player has thrown the bat, time shall be called and the Coach informed, as a warning, that if the bat is thrown again during the game, the player will be called out.
  • Offensive Time Outs: Per Little League Rule 5.10(d) “… Only one offensive time-out, for the purpose of a visit or a conference, will be permitted each inning.”
  • Ten Run Rule – Little League rule 4.10(e) states “If after four (4) innings, three and one half (3 ½) innings if the home team is ahead, one team has a lead of ten (10) runs or more, the manager of the team with the least runs shall concede the victory to the opponent. NOTE: (1) If the visiting team has a lead of ten (10) runs or more, the home team must bat in its half of the inning”
  • Mandatory Play: Every player on a team roster will participate in each game for a minimum of six (6) defensive outs and one at bat.
  • Bat Regulations: refer to Little League Rule Book.

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