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Dale Palmer

Executive Director
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At the helm of the National Fastpitch Alliance (NFA) stands Dale Palmer, the Executive Director whose dynamic leadership and wealth of sports administration experience drive the organization forward. In his role, Dale is the architect of the NFA's strategic vision, working to implement initiatives that resonate with the organization's mission and propel the sport of softball to new heights. As the primary liaison, he cultivates robust relationships with stakeholders, fostering collaboration among college coaches, club coaches, players, parents, and partners. Dale is the guardian of the NFA's policies, ensuring that they uphold the integrity and fairness of all sanctioned events. Financial stewardship falls under his purview, as he manages budgets, allocates resources judiciously, and explores opportunities for revenue generation, ensuring the organization's sustainable growth. A passionate advocate for softball, Dale engages with the community through outreach programs and partnerships, creating a sense of belonging and shared enthusiasm. Nurturing leadership within the NFA, he empowers staff and volunteers, fostering a positive organizational culture. As an innovator, Dale anticipates challenges and adapts strategies to position the NFA as a leading force in the softball landscape. His advocacy extends beyond the organization, as he champions the value of softball through media appearances and collaborative efforts. Dale Palmer's role goes beyond administration; it is a commitment to the transformative power of softball and the development of a vibrant, inclusive community. Under his leadership, the NFA thrives as a platform where passion converges with proficiency, and dreams find their path to realization.

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Chad Hewitt
Director of Operations
(256) 627-2924
[email protected]

As the Director of Operations for the National Fastpitch Alliance (NFA), Chad Hewitt plays a central role in the day-to-day functioning of the organization. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to operational excellence, Chad coordinates the intricacies of NFA events, ensuring they run seamlessly. His responsibilities include managing logistics, overseeing event staff, and collaborating with various departments to streamline organizational processes. Chad is the linchpin in creating a positive and engaging environment for participants, from athletes to coaches, within the NFA's highly competitive and cost-effective platform. He works tirelessly to uphold the standards set by the organization, providing a foundation for student-athletes to display their proficiency in softball. In his capacity, Chad contributes significantly to the success of NFA-sanctioned tournaments, reinforcing the organization's commitment to excellence and fostering an atmosphere where passion for the sport flourishes. Under Chad Hewitt's stewardship, the NFA's operations thrive, offering a stage where athletes can shine and the softball community can flourish.

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