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The Home of Youth Soccer in Ashland, Virginia


Q: What are the age groups?
A: The age groups we offer range from u4(players "under" the age of four at time of signup) to u19. See below for more info about age groups.

Q: Where does AYSL play?
A: All practices and home games are played at the Poor Farm Park soccer fields

Q: What League do Ashland teams play in?
A: Our Early Development programs, First Step (u6) & LEAP (u8), are trained in a big group and new teams are formed on a weekly basis for fun an balanced in-house games every Sunday at Noon(u6) & 1pm (u8). We also have a u10 House League were AYSL teams face up against each other every Sunday at 2:30pm. All of our other teams currently participate in the RVA Cross League against recreation teams from around the Richmond metro region. Cross league games are played on Saturday & Sundays from March to May. 

Q: How much does it cost to play for AYSL?
A: We are proud to offer high quality programs at these family-friendly prices;

First Step (u6) $110
LEAP (u8) $150
u10 House League $100
u12 Cross League Team $100
u14 Cross League Team $100
u16 Cross League Team $100
u19 Cross League Team $100

u8 Pre-Travel $275
u10 Tournament Team $220
u12 Tournament Team $220
u14 Tournament Team $220

Friday Night Skills Training (x8 Sessions) $150

FALL 2024
First Step (u6) $110
LEAP (u8) $150
u10 House League $100
u12 Cross League Team $100
u14 Cross League Team $100
u16 Cross League Team $100
u19 Cross League Team $100

Friday Night Skills (x8 Sessions) $150

u9 Boys Travel   TBA
u10 Boys Travel TBA
u10 Girls Travel TBA
u11 Boys Travel TBA
u12 Boys Travel TBA
u12 Girls Travel TBA
u13 Boys Travel TBA
u14 Boys Travel TBA
u15 Boys Travel TBA
u16 Girls Travel TBA

WINTER 2024-25
Junior Futsal Academy (u6) $150
u8 Coed Futsal $190
u9 Boys Futsal $300
u10 Boys Futsal $300
u10 Girls Futsal $300
u12 Boys Futsal $300
u12 Girls Futsal $300
HS Boys Futsal $300
HS Girls Futsal $300

(Financial aid is also available - see below)


Q: What equipment do players need?
A: Players should always wear soccer cleats, shin guards and athletic clothing. Players should always bring water and a soccer ball. u4-u6 Size 3 | u7-u12 Size 4 | u13+ Size 5

Q: What are the Uniform details?
A: All AYSL players should wear black socks and black shorts(without pockets). Players in First Step (u4-u6) & LEAP (u7/u8) will receive a free t-shirt for practices and games. Players in the u10 house league & u12, u16, u19 Cross league teams need a red shirt and a white shirt (same as the fall). Our u14 Cross league team will receive info about the required uniforms before the season begins. Tournament teams will wear same uniforms as the fall. Our uniform supplier for 2024-25 is 

Q: Does AYSL have travel teams?

A: No, we do not currently offer travel teams. Some of our teams have been growing towards competitive play over the past few years but as of Spring 2024, all of our teams are considered recreational teams by the Virginia Youth Soccer Association.

Q: How long as AYSL been around for?
A: AYSL was founded by Tony Santos in the 1980s. The club first played at Gandy Elementary School before clearing trees and grading land to build new soccer fields at Poor Farm Park. When the club first arrived at PFP, games were played on a field near the amphitheater in the rear of the park. Then when the front fields were installed thanks to a big community effort, and the program moved in...and we have been playing there ever since!

Q: How do I become a volunteer coach? 
A: We have volunteer coaching positions with our u10, u12, u14, u16 & u19 age groups. In order to volunteer, you must login in register on our website [buttons on the top of this page] then sign up for the division you would like to coach in. You will receive instructions before the season about how to submit your background check and SafeSport Certification through GotSport.

Q: When does the season start? [Spring 2024]
A: First Day of Practices: March 18th Last Game Day: May 19th
No practices or games March 30 to April 5

Q: What is the relationship between Ashland Town FC & Ashland Youth Soccer League?
A: Both programs share common goals of promoting good values through soccer, making the sport as accessible as possible, and creating stronger community bonds throughout Ashland, VA. They both work together to best serve local soccer players. The key difference is that AYSL exists to for children to enjoy the game while learning life lessons. The objectives of AYSL are achieved by promoting, developing, and providing the opportunity for soccer teams to play organized soccer. ATFC's aim is to identify, train and develop local players to compete at the highest levels of play possible. Originally, AYSL was formed primarily for youth players while ATFC began as a adult men's team. As we move forward, we continue to explore ways to strengthen our partnership. In essence, AYSL is grassroots soccer, always open for everyone, while ATFC offers a competitive pathway where players from Ashland can challenge themselves against high level opponents from around the region, and pursue higher levels of play such as semi-pro, collegiate, or even professional soccer. 

Q: Does AYSL offer financial assistance?

A: Yes - our website has more info under the  
'Fees & Financial Aid' tab.

Still have questions? Please contact [email protected]


First Step Soccer

Ages: 3-5

u4, u5, u6

Birth Years 2018, 2019, 2020

Little Engines (LEAP) OR u8 Pre-Travel

Ages 6-7

u7, u8

Birth Years 2016, 2017

AYSL u10 House League OR u10 Tournament Team (Zedaker)

u9: 2015s

u10: 2014s

AYSL u12 Cross League Team OR u12 Tournament Team (Hubbard)

u11: 2013s

u12: 2012s

AYSL u14 Cross League Team OR u14 Tournament Team (Gill)

u13: 2011s

u14: 2010s

AYSL u16 Cross League Team

u15: 2009s

u16: 2008s

AYSL u19 Cross League Team

u17: 2007s

u18: 2006s

u19: 2005s




(NEW!) First Step Soccer

Ages 3-5

(Birth Years 2018, 2019, & 2020)

Director: Liam Hogan

Fee: $110


Ages 6 & 7

(Birth Years 2017 & 2016)

Director: Liam Hogan

Fee: $150

u8 Pre-Travel

Ages 6 & 7

(Birth Years 2017 & 2016)

Coach: Liam Hogan

Fee: $275

u10 House League Recreation

Ages 8 & 9

(Birth Years 2014 & 2015)

Fee: $100

(NEW!) u12 Cross League Recreation

Ages 10 & 11

(Birth Years 2012 & 2013)

Fee: $100

(NEW!) u14 Cross League Recreation: Ages 12 & 13

(Birth Years 2010 & 2011)

Fee: $100

u16 Cross League Recreation: Ages 14 & 15

(Birth Years 2008 & 2009)

Fee: $100

u19 Cross League Recreation: Ages 16, 17, & 18

(Birth Years 2005, 2006, & 2007)

Fee: $100

Tournament Teams

u10, u12, u14

Fee: $220

Tournament Team Director: Jason Gil

Please Note: Registration is not open yet for tournament teams. Contact your coach for more info about conditioning and tournament plans.

Friday Night Skills Training


(Birth years 2015 to 2008)

Fee: $150

Paid coaches 

Open to all local youth players 

Balanced training groups will be formed based on ages and skill levels of players 

Practices on Fridays at Poor Farm Park

3/22, 3/29, 4/12, 4/19, 4/26, 5/3, 5/10, 5/17


Spring Break Day Camp


Save the dates: April 1 - April 4

More info coming soon

General AYSL Info:

Founded in the 1980s, Ashland Youth Soccer League has provided a fun, safe & impactful environment for kids to learn teamwork, discipline, and various other positive values through soccer for more than three decades.

We are a community focused, grassroots soccer club that serves around 200 families from the Town of Ashland & Western Hanover County. AYSL is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization and we are powered by numerous volunteers.

We hold all of our outdoor practices on fields that were originally cleared. leveled, & seeded by AYSL in the 1980s at the beautiful Poor Farm Park. PFP is located behind Patrick Henry High School, just 8 minutes west of the heart of Ashland, VA.

The two primary seasons of play are in Fall(Sep-Nov) & Spring (Mar-May)

Program Leadership

President: Liam Hogan

Vice President: Vacant

Registrar: Diane Kellogg

Treasurer: Angela Gilbert

Secretary: Vacant

Board Member: Jason Gill

Board Member: Kelli White

Board Member: Marshall Hubbard

Board Member: Vacant

Board Member: Vacant

The Board will meet in Downtown Ashland in the evening on the 3rd Thursday of every month in 2024 and meetings are open to all members of Ashland Youth Soccer League (parents, coaches, volunteers, alumni)

Please send any questions to [email protected]

We are excited to offer a variety of existing and new programs and we hope to see a great turnout at Poor Farm this Spring for another great soccer season!