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Revere Baseball Softball Association

Play-Up Requests

If your child is one of the older or younger children in their grade and they qualify for a league that a majority of their classmates are not in, you can make a request in writing to the RBSA Training Director ([email protected]). Your play-up request can also be marked during registration so it will appear on our reports. 

For example, if your child’s age qualifies them for the BMP league, but they are one of the younger kids in their grade so the majority of their classmates are in the H League, you can request they “play up” to H. Not all requests can be granted, but all are considered and granted when possible.  “Playing down” requests are rarely approved and must have extenuating circumstances to be considered. 

Evaluations Process

Evaluations are a critical component to creating balanced and competitive teams for the season, and everyone is required to attend excluding E League and I-League (T-Ball), unless there is a request to play up to BMP then please arrive at the BMP Time.

When: TBA in February -- check Calendar page and/or watch for e-mail blasts for updates.

Where: Sculpt in Copley -- 1092 Jacoby Rd.

Volunteers Needed: We need volunteers to run evaluations from 11:30a - 5p for registration, admin, and most of the evaluation stations (throwing, fielding, and batting left). Sign-up link will be posted on social media and e-mailed to registered participants.

When to Arrive: Arrive at the time for which your player is currently registered, NOT the session for which they are requesting to play up.

A copy of the Evaluation schedule is listed at, and attached.

What to Bring: Gloves only, NO bats please!

What to Expect

Players will start at the registration table where they will be given an evaluation sheet that they will carry through 4 evaluation stations (Coach Pitch will be stations 1 - 3 only). 

Station 1 – THROWING: Throw 5 balls at a target from a set distance

Station 2 -  FIELDING: Field two grounders and 3 fly balls

Station 3 -  HITTING: Hit 5 balls for distance and accuracy

Station 4 – PITCHING: Pitch 5 balls at a backstop with target

Players are expected to guide themselves to each station in order and get their evaluation sheets completely filled out. We would appreciate it if parents could stay with their player and help guide them. Players will then place their completed evaluation sheets into the appropriate bin at the registration table upon exit. 

Play Up Requests: If not indicated during registration, requests must be submitted via email to Bob Beesley ([email protected]) no later than Tuesday February 13th. Players with Play Up Requests will be identified with a unique evaluation sheet and will be escorted by a volunteer through the evaluation stations. These requests will be answered following Evaluations. 

Questions or Concerns: If you cannot attend, or any other questions or concerns about evaluations please e-mail [email protected]

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