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UPDATED 1.25.2023 - Meeting Feb 22 at Congruity Church 7 PM- Seeding, Forms and Fees Due

Pennsylvania Junior Wrestling - AREA III

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To the Area III qualifying wrestlers and parents,

I would like to sincerely apologize for letting you all down and not having the correct size and numbers of uniforms and apparel. This has always been my worst nightmare to and it now has happened . After all the practices your parents have taken you to and you have participated in. After all the matches you have wrestled this year to prepare yourself to do battle at the PJW Championship tournament, only now to find out I have not equipped my warriors properly for battle in the coming week. The General has let you down! I am trying to resolve as much of this as I can before the weekend, but am not sure all what if any will be resolved. I do however, promise to you right now, that it will never happen again on my watch. This moment will live with me the rest of my days as a reminder to keep it from happening in the future. I take full responsibility for the situation, so blame me and no one else in the organization.
With that said, if you left the tournament without a uniform, contact a coach or rep of myself so we can make sure you have something to wear. Tournament rules say "Area singlet only."

Tim Chelsted
Area III Chairman
[email protected]

PJW Area III consists of schools from Armstrong, Westmoreland, and part of Indiana County.

Our mission is to support and promote youth wrestling and develop them into good wrestlers, but most importantly productive members of society.

From USA Wrestling:

Life is hard.  Wrestling prepares you for the challenge.It’s a fact of life.  Adversity is guaranteed.  It’s how we respond to these challenges that makes the difference.  Wrestling instills the values of courage, hard work, discipline, perseverance and humility. It forges character that lasts a lifetime and trains people to triumph over trials.  This is the promise that wrestling delivers to our next generation.

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Pennsylvania Junior Wrestling AREA III

Westmoreland County - Armstrong County - Indiana County 
Tim Chelsted-Chairman   

Email Us: [email protected]
Phone : 412-527-1740
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