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Micro T-Ball

2016 Micro T-Ball
(3K - Kindergarten)

Season March - May 
Games Begin April 
Fee $75.00
Deadline for registration March 17

Micro T-ball Overview
No score is kept in the league.  Each team plays approx 10 games. This is an entry to baseball and softball for younger players generally 4 to 5 years old. Teams may be co-ed. three innings will constitute a game. Members of two teams take turns hitting a ball off the batting tee set on home plate. Batters try to get on base and advance to home; field try to prevent that from happening. T-ball develops the primary baseball skills of hitting, running fielding and throwing.  The players gain an understanding of the rules and have fun.

Goals for this age group are to throw, catch, hit and field ground balls, hit a ball from the tee, run bases, learn the positions on the field and understand and exhibit good sportsmanship.

Equipment needed:  baseball glove (please place name on glove), baseball or athletic shoe.  Uniforms, bats, balls and helmets are provided.

Field Status

Open Open

OLPH - Soccer Fields (09:44 AM | 05/18/17)

Open Open

OLPH - Baseball Field (09:44 AM | 05/18/17)

Open Open

OLPH Gym (09:17 AM | 08/18/17)