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Junior Lego Activities Update

                How to program lego motors using Scratch


Purchasing lego motorized parts for Scratch

Please follow this link to set up account and start using scratch with your child.  This introduction of scratch is briefed to you and your youth for the sake of opening a door to another learning/creating tool. 

Scratch can generate computerized programs for controlling the following lego parts:
Lego motor,
If you are interested having your child use a lot lego robotic parts, I suggest that you buy them for your own so that your child can have fun HOME.

Scratch Account Creation (

Scratch is an online tool which helps kids learn the fundamentals of how code works and lets them create their own animations, games and more.

As well as being a tool, Scratch is a community: users can share their projects, make copies of each others' and 'remix' them, which is a bit like forking code in GitHub and consists of copying someone else's project and adding your own improvements or changes to it. Instead of expecting learners to write their code from scratch, Scratch provides them with a set of blocks: lines of code which they drag into place to create their code.

To create an account, go to the front page at and click "Join Scratch" in the top right hand corner. If you already have an account, it will first ask you if you want to retrieve your password. When you get to the signup page, enter the following data:

Use one that reflects you in some way, but does not give away any personal information like your full name or address. Do not try to impersonate other users, and do not use an inappropriate username either. If you do, your account might be blocked or deleted.
A secure password should have both letters and numbers. To make it stronger, you may use symbols or a upper-lowercase combination, but make sure you can remember it! Always write your password down somewhere safe in case you forget it. But make sure not to leave a piece of paper with your password just lying around! Also remember not to write 'Scratch password' or similar on it, as that would be risky. To change the password after you've logged in, visit the Account Settings page.
Email Address
An existing email address is required so that the email address can be confirmed and the account is confirmed. If an account is not confirmed, it will not be able to comment or share projects.
Other data
Some of this data is optional, although your birthday, gender, and country are still required in order to create a Scratch account.
Then click Sign Up. You are now ready to CREATE, post projects, comments, and use the forums.


Showing the LEGO WeDo blocks

The More Blocks category, where extension blocks are located.


The LEGO WeDo blocks are not visible by default. To make them visible, shift-click the More Blocks category and click the Add an Extension button which appears. Once done, the LEGO WeDo blocks can be found below the custom blocks in the More Blocks tab. They can be hidden by clicking "Remove extension blocks" on the WeDo blocks drop-down menu.

These blocks can only be used with a LEGO Education WeDo Robotics Kit, but can still be viewed without one.


WarningNote: Click on a block to learn more about it! Scratch 2.0 has the following LEGO WeDo Stack blocks:

Scratch 2.0 has the following LEGO WeDo Hat blocks:

  • 2.0 When Distance is Less Than ().png
  • 2.0 When Tilt = ().png

Scratch 2.0 has the following LEGO WeDo Reporter blocks:


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