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Rocklane Baseball League Refund Policy:

We understand that issues sometimes arise that might require you to request a refund for a registration.  We will review all requests and process them in accordance with the outline below:

Player Registrations:

  • Refunds must be requested no later than 1 week after the start of practices for that season.
  • If prior to uniforms being ordered a $10 processing fee will be deducted from your payment.
  • If after uniforms have been ordered (at the conclusion of roster build) an additional $25 processing fee will be deducted from your payment however the uniform will be delivered. Uniforms will be delivered to the assigned team and is up to the parent to obtain.
  • All sales are final.

League information and levels of play:


What levels of play are offered?
The Rocklane Baseball League offers multiple programs and levels of play for children ages 3 to 14.  Our leagues provide opportunities for both beginners and advanced players.

Based on your child's Baseball Age, he/she will be in one of the following leagues:

  • Blast Ball (3 and 4 years old)
  • Shetland – “Coach Pitch” (5 and 6 year olds)
  • Pinto – “Coach Pitch” (7 and 8 year olds)
  • Mustang – “Kid Pitch” (9 and 10 year olds)
  • Bronco (11 and 12 year olds)
  • Pony (13 and 14 year olds)

A child’s “baseball age” is determined based on his or her age on August 31st each year.  Players are not permitted to play above or below their “Baseball Age” without prior approval by the League Commissioner.    If you wish to pursue approval for a different league please attend the correct coach look based on the player’s baseball age and discuss it with the commissioner.  Please keep in mind that this determination is based on player safety and exceptions are rare.


Weather Challenges

If weather moves in during play:

  • The coaches, umpires and RJL board member on field duty will consult regarding starting new games, continuing play or resuming delayed games.  Our main concern is for the safety of our players, our RJL families and spectators.
  • Should the lightning detectors sound at any field EVERYONE must leave the fields and wait for the all clear in the parking lot, preferably in your vehicles. 
  • Depending on the remaining schedule if a game has been delayed more than 15 minutes play may be stopped.  This is to attempt to keep remaining games on schedule.
  • If fields were open and the games are cancelled, we will attempt to contact everyone via email and through your coaches. 

Reschedule Process:

Rained out games may be rescheduled in the order in which they were rained out by the league scheduler at the earliest available time. The scheduler shall notify both involved managers when he/she determines the date and time of the game. Schedulers will consider the number of games per week played by each team in rescheduling the games. 



Late Fees:

Rocklane Baseball League tries to ensure that all baseball related costs are captured in our registration fees.  This is to help ensure we maintain a quality product at a reasonable fee. 

To this end we must also consider the costs of late registrations.  Once team rosters are set via a draft uniforms are ordered.  When players begin moving around or being added to teams we incur additional fees from our vendors.  In order to try and accommodate late requests we have to charge additional fees in an effort to maintain and provide a quality product.  Therefore, all registrations will be considered late beginning on the Monday following Player Evaluations.  Late registrations will be charged a $25 processing fee.


Summer All Star Program:

What is Summer Baseball?

Rocklane Baseball will sponsor Summer All Star Tournament Teams via Uniforms after the conclusion of our regular spring season and post-season playoffs. Please note Fundraising may occur do to Tournament fees if you decide to play All Stars. These teams will be referred to as Summer Tournament Teams. Travel throughout Indiana is required.  (approximately 50-75 mile radius) MAX FEE: $75

The Activity:

Summer tournament teams participate in a significantly more competitive environment than regular RJL play. These teams begin play after the conclusion of the RJL Rec season and generally participate in tournaments at Rocklane and neighboring counties. The purpose of this fact sheet is to provide more information about the tournament team process and educate parents of all RJL participants, so you can decide if your player should be considered for this activity.

Eligibility and Registration:

  • Players must be on an active Rocklane Baseball League roster.
  • Must attend the All Star Tryout
  • Must be drafted
    • Draft is based on Tryout evaluation and spring season performance evaluations



Player Health:


In an effort to keep parents informed regarding ways to improve the longevity and enjoyment of the baseball experience we will use this section to post relevant player health related articles, links and useful information.

This does not replace or promote any specific doctor advice. Information provided is intended to increase awareness on specific topics.  Please consult your physician with any medial related concerns.

Little League Elbow Syndrome

Little league elbow syndrome (LLES) has risen in incidence in recent decades. It is manifested by pain on the medial aspect of the throwing elbow.  Young athletes with the condition may also notice decrease throwing distance and velocity as early signs of an injury.  Several different anatomic conditions exist which may represent the little league elbow including tendinitis, medial collateral ligaments strain/injuries, and up to fractures at the medial epicondyle.

Though classically thought of as a pitcher’s condition, catchers, outfielders and infielders can also develop these injuries

Factors contributing to the increase frequency of these injuries include: increased single-sport participation with year-round training, higher intensities at young ages, and longer competitive seasons. Once a LLES is suspected, the athlete should immediately discontinue playing and seek medical evaluation.  Many doctors including pediatricians and family doctors are excellent first line providers to seek care from.  Affected youth will usually have physical examination and radiographic exams.

The therapy initiated depends on the specific type of injury and its severity as well as of course the experience of the clinical provider.  The initial treatment phase usually begins with immobilization, and ice and anti-inflammatory regimens may be added by your doctor.  On occasion, if the injury is a fracture the treatment may range from casting to surgical repair.

The exact duration of limited play for less complex injury is difficult to predict and once again depends on your doctor’s recommendations. Your physician will usually want to see a combination of abatement of pain and symptoms and possibly radiographic testing to show healed conditions. Various physical therapy protocols are available once the injury is healed to strengthen and condition the young athlete.

The ultimate goals of treatment are to safely return the athlete to a pre-injury level of function. Two links are provided below.  The first is to an excellent overview of the LLES on and the second link is to USA Baseball pitcher’s recommendations.


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