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Bring Lacrosse to SWCS

Currently, the sport of lacrosse is not offered as a school sponsored sport in the South Western City School District.  Middle School and high school lacrosse is currently operated by Grove City Lacrosse Club as a club sport.  Club sports teams are independent of the school system and are operated by an external entity like us. 

Club teams enjoy similar experiences to school sponsored teams, with some slight differences.  These include transportation (no bussing), scheduling (most teams receive schedules created by the conference, while we schedule each and every game independently), school awards (no varsity letter for playing lacrosse here) and tournament eligibility at the high school level. 

In 2022, Grove City Lacrosse Club will be launching a renewed efforts to petition the district to add lacrosse to its list of school sponsored sports.  Please watch our social media, and this website, for additional information on our attendance at school board meetings, advertising campaigns, and other events to show your support! 

If you support lacrosse as a school sponsored sport in the South Western City School District, please contact your school board member directly, or, ask a Grove City Lacrosse Club board member how you can help!