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Dear Parents

As we take this great step to bringing Lacrosse to Grove City, we would like to provide you with some information about the game so that not only the teams can be successful but the parents on the sidelines will be able to enjoy watching their child participate. Lacrosse is known as the fastest game on two feet, which makes following all the different aspects difficult to those that are new to the sport. It is a known fact that parents who are educated on the finer points of the game, enjoy watching their child grow as they participate. With this said, we have provided a couple documents that you can read and review at your convenience.

Mom's Guide to:

Please check back, as we will continue to add new documents and websites.

Concussion Information:

Also, as you may know, The Governor of Ohio, just passed into law a concussions bill relating to youth sports. The State has not published guidelines for programs like ourselves yet. As soon as they do, we will work to abide to any and all regulations the state prescribes. Until that happens, we have chosen to try and be pro-active. The CDC has a half hour class on concussions. We feel that you as a parent should take this class to educate yourself on this sports injury. This injury is not just something related to lacrosse. This can occur in football, soccer and many other sports your child may participate in. We feel this is a must read for all parents. Please take the time and spend the half hour. You can get to the class at this link:

For more information on concussions, visit the CDC website at:

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