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MCGSA By-laws

MCGSA By-laws (approved August 2016)

MCGSA Board meeting minutes - 2018

MCGSA Board meeting minutes - 2018-2019

MCGSA Executive Board Minutes

Date: November 29, 2018

Call to order:

An Executive Board meeting of the MCGSA, was held in at the Concession Stand located at Dave Bean Circle, Granville, WV  26534. The meeting convened at 6:38 PM Collective Board presiding. Roll Call:

Board members in attendance:  Meighen Lehosit(President/Field Maintenance Manager), Becky Campbell(Secretary), Travis Masoner(Player Agent), Ken Costello(Treasurer), , Rachel Phillips(Registrar), Mike Bean (Park Director)

Board members not in attendance: Charlie Peterson(Vice President), Lee Ann Harki(Concession Stand Manager), Melissa Rogers(Equipment Manager), Jessica Alsop(Uniform Manager), Nikki Nuzum(Director of Coaching), Christie Sims (Equipment Exchange Coordinator)

Others in attendance: Angela Elza

Approval of minutes from last meeting:

Minutes from  n/a board meeting were reviewed.



Presidents Report:

1. Fall ball with the shortened season provided us a profit of approximately 2000.00.  If returning teams are upset over the shortened season, there will a potential for discounts next year.

2. Discussion of benefits of NSA vs. USA softball for the fall league.

3.  Fall pitching clinic- People seem to be appreciative of any clinic offered.


4.  Rules committee meeting-

   a. 8U and 10U- counting pitch count with 8U.

   b. Discussion of if ball needs to get into the circle or through the cylinder.

   c. Reinforcement of one stolen base per game.

   d. Meighen will type of the notes to be reviewed at a later time.

5.  Election results are in.  Rachel Phillips-Vice-President; Angie Elza- Treasurer.

   a. Ken will work with Angie to make a smooth transition.

6.  Transition of the vice-president position.  Review of responsibilities of each office.

7.  Jim Davis is willing to assist with the website per last verbal communications with President.


VP Report:


Treasurer’s report:

1.  11,000.  Unsure of breakout among travel teams.  Ken will go back and check the breakdown for the travel teams.

Report was provided.

Concessions stand manager report:

1.  Leann will come in to clean the stand this weekend.

2.  Leftover perishable food will be donated.

3.  There may be a shortage of concession stand workers for middle school ball.

4.  Leann says she has the cash and lock box at her house, cash consists for the start up cash for next year.

Equipment Manager Report:

1.  Need confirmation from Melissa Rogers if she wishes to hold this position again for the 2019 season.  Need update regarding equipment that should be returned. With regards to unused umpire equipment, Melissa can give a list to Ken, he can check to see if any high school umpires would be interesting in purchasing.

Field Report:

1.  Request from the city to only use paint only in the outfields due to buildup.

2.  The city is going to take a look at the lip on field 1.

3.  Home plate behind field 2 drainage issue.

4.  Field 3 received dirt in order to make the field playable because it was so wet.  Field three between home and 1st is a continue problem spot.

5.  Turf donated from the Black Bear's stadium can be used for pitching and batting area during practice times in order to preserve the playing surface.


Player Agent:

1.  Need to add a separate pitching evaluation for both 8U and 10U this year.

2.  Discussion of the amount of pitchers vs. the number of teams.  It is suggested that teams should be determined after the pitchers have been selected for the league so that the teams are fair.

3.  Discussion of the importance of teaching the coaches to line the fields.

4.  Need to have consistency among those who are evaluation.


Park Director:  The city of Granville will need its annual reports from June/July 2018 and December 2018. Financial report to include the following items; Concession stand expenses vs. money in, other operational expenses vs.registration (example; trophies, uniforms, insurance, etc)



IV Open Business


How many scholarships were handed out in 2018?

Outstanding invoices?


Rick Reynolds (Fall Ball) Has not paid 480.00 fee.


Outgoing:  Fall Ball: Balls, Team sanctioning for NSA


Open Items:

Discussion of raising registration fees by 5.00 per player.  


Get confirmation from Jessica Alsop if she is willing to return as Uniform Manager for the 2019 season.


Get confirmation from Melissa Rogers if she is willing to return as Equipment Manager for the 2019 season.


V New business


Set recurring monthly board meeting

1.  Meetings will be held the third Thursday of the month at 6:30PM. Except for December which will be held on December 13th at 6:30 PM (motioned carried)

Discuss/Set calendar for 2019

1. Set registration on January 8, 2018 (send an email out to remind parents that registration will be open on that date.)

Middle school ball and 12U/16U challenges

1.  Start team formations in February for 12U and 16U.  The issue concerns mostly 16U. We can also consider having the older league play games with other organizations.


To Be Scheduled/Booked

 -Travel Ball Coaches Meeting for 2019

         *Monday, January 28, 2019.  Thursday, snow date January 31st.


 -Opening Day

          *Opening day is April 27th. (motion carried)


 -End of Season Tournaments

           * End of season discussion- suggested that we should wait until we know how many teams will be formed, also we can't control the weather situation.  


  -End of Year Pool Party

            *Target of August 4th or 11th.  Becky will call to schedule the date.


Motion:  Opening Day April 27th,2019

Vote:  4 in favor, 0 opposed

Motion Carried  


Motion: Recurring Board Meeting scheduled or the third Thursday of the month (except December due to the Christmas holiday)  

Vote:  4 in favor, 0 opposed

Motion Carried


Next Board Meeting Scheduled:  December 13, 2018 location: Concession Stand at Granville Field.


VI Adjournment


Meeting was adjourned at 8:36.

Minutes submitted by:  Becky Campbell (Secretary)

Mon County Express Information

2018 Registration Information

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Contact: Meighen Lehosit

MCGSA President

Phone (919) 244-4771

Mon County Girls Softball Association

PO Box 258

Granville, WV 26534

Mon County Girls Softball Registration for the 2019 Spring Season is Open

Granville, WV, January, 2019: The Mon County Girls Softball Association is getting ready for 2019.  The MCGSA offers the best in recreational softball opportunities at the Granville City Park.  

Registration is open to girls ages 4 – 16.  Please visit the website to register online at We will also be holding a live registration and equipment exchange at Granville Field on February 23, 2019 from 12:00-3:00 PM.  There will also be an opportunity to register in person at Dick’s Sporting Goods in Granville on March 2, 2019 and March 3, 2019. It is MCGSA Appreciation Day and DSG will provide a coupon good for 20% off your purchase for the entire weekend.  Please “like” us on Facebook for league updates.

Registration costs for 2019:

4 - 6 and under

$50 +$30 in Raffle tickets

8 and under

10 and under

12 and under

16 and under

$85 + $30 in Raffle tickets

*Registration Dates:

   12U & 16U:  1/8/2019 - 2/24/2019

                 (16U Season will be aligned with and will participate in the NCWV league schedule)

*Registration Dates:

   10U, 8U & 6U:  1/8/2019 - 3/24/2019

Note that age groups are based on the girl’s age as of December 31st, 2018.


In addition to the registration costs, each player is required to participate in fundraising.  This consists of the purchase of 6 raffle tickets at $5 each. The player may then either sell the tickets to recoup the fundraising costs or keep the tickets and perhaps win one of the prizes.


MCGSA is dependent upon family involvement through volunteering to help in various positions.  If you are interested in volunteering please visit the MCGSA web page or contact the league at the numbers provided.


Visit us on Facebook: mon-county-girls-softball