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1. Flag football is for boys and girls in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades only. 
2. Each player MUST wear a protective mouthpiece to play. There are NO exceptions.
3. Each game will start with a coin toss. The winner of the toss will have the choice to start the game on offense or defense.
4. A game will be made up of four 10 minute quarters. The clock will not stop until the last 2 minutes of the second and fourth quarters. During the last 2 minutes of those quarters the clock will stop for incomplete passes, out of bounds, or change of possession.
5. Overtime will be played with both teams getting a chance to posses the ball. Both teams will start their possession from the 15 yard line.
6. Each team will get 2 timeouts per half. Timeouts do not carryover.
7. Each team will play with 7 players on the field. Each team will have a total of 9-11 players on their roster.
8. Teams will change sides after the first half. Halftime will be 3 minutes long.
9. The field will be 45 yards long with the field being broke up into three 15 yard sections.
10. To earn a first down a team must make it to the next line on the field in 4 downs.
11. There will be NO kickoffs or punts. The first possession of the game will begin at the 15 yard line. If a team faces 4th down and wishes not to go for it they can tell the referee they want to "punt". This will move the ball to the other teams 15 yard line where they will take possession.                                         
12. Each player should get an equal amount of playing time.
13. A players shirt MUST be tucked in at all times. Nothing must interfere with the players flags.
14. A player is considered down when their flag is pulled off, steps out of bounds, stiff arms another player, guards their flag, leaves their feet to jump, fumbles the ball, or the knee of the ball carrier touches the ground.
15. One coach can be on the field at a time with his/her team.
16. If a rule is not listed then the general accepted rules of football will apply.

1. All players MUST run the ball or catch a pass at least once per game. Two incomplete passes to a player counts as a catch. Penalty: a team will forfeit the game. 
2. After the ball is spotted a team has 30 seconds to snap the ball. The center can snap the ball anyway he/she wants. The center can stand sideways to snap the ball if needed.
3. All players are eligible to receive a pass each play. 
4. The quarterback can run the ball as soon as he/she takes the snap with one exception...there are NO quarterback sneaks from under center.
5. A ball carrier is NOT allowed to stiff arm another player, leave their feet to dive, hurdle, jump, guard their flag, or run through another player. Spin moves are allowed.
6. There are NO fumbles. The ball will be spotted at the point of the fumble.                                 
7. Touchdowns are worth 6 points. An extra point will be worth 1 or 2 points. If a team runs the ball in for the extra point it will be worth 1 point. It will be worth 2 points if a team passes the ball in for the extra point. The extra point will be attempted from the 5 yard line. 

1. All players must be a minimum of 3 yards off the line of scrimmage to begin a play. Any number of players are allowed to rush the quarterback each play. If the offense has less than 3 yards to gain a first down then the defense can match that distance off the line of scrimmage. 
2. Interceptions are returnable and will result in a turnover. There are NO fumbles. The ball will be spotted at the point of the fumble.
3. A defensive player CAN NOT run through an offensive player. Each player should try their best to avoid any major collisions or contact.
4. The defense can only pull the flag off a player that is in possession of the ball. 
5. Defensive players must go for a ball carriers flag. They CAN NOT push a player out of bounds. 
6. A safety is worth 2 points plus the possession of the ball.                                                                       
7. No A gap blitzes by the defense. The A gap is the area to the left and right of the offensive center (arm length to both sides). The A gap only applies to blitzes directly after the snap. A defensive player can pursue a ball carrier through the A gap after the ball is handed off or if the quarterback has committed to run.

1. Offensive players blocking may only block with their hands, only from the front, and always below the shoulders and above the waist. Elbows may not come behind the ribcage in preparation to block. Players may not leave their feet to block. 

PENALTIES (all penalties are 5 yards):
1. Off sides
2. Illegal motion
3. Illegal forward pass
4. Delay of game
5. Holding
6. Flag guarding
7. Intentional grounding
8. Charging (intentionally running through another player)
9. Illegal Block
10. Unsportsmanlike conduct
11. Pass Interference
12. Pushing out of bounds (when a defensive player pushes the offensive player out of bounds instead of going for the players flags).

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