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What is Staff Training?
Staff Training is the opportunity for all players within the club to train with the Rush Pueblo West Coaching Directors / Staff Coaches. Staff Training sets out the following aims:   
  1. Consistent schedule and training location.
  2. Exposure to multiple Rush Pueblo West Club Directors of Coaching, and other staff.
  3. A progressive and thorough training environment with a primary focus on improving every player's technical ability. 
  4. The ability for players to be exposed to a consistent message. What is a Rush player? How should we train? What are the Rush Core Values?
How is Staff Training organized?

Staff Training organization will differ from group to group. Below is a brief summary of the structure of staff training. For a more detailed insight into the aims and setup of training can be found by clicking the age group images at the bottom of the page.

  1. Players will be split by ability, not necessarily age. In some cases, girls may be placed with boys to train. Players will have the opportunity to move from group to group based on their success and development. This is with the hope of placing each player in the optimal learning environment.
  2. Sessions will solely be focused on the development of the individual skills of players and sessions will be adapted to the level of the players in each group. 
  3. At the U9-U12 Age groups, training will be structured as technical training stations. Players will work at a station for around 20 minutes before rotating to the next. Each station will have a consistent topic that players will be working on. Players will be given the opportunity to develop skills in unopposed (with no defender), 1V1 (limited pressure) and small sided activities (a game like pressure). 
  4. At the U13-14 age groups, training will evolve slightly to include more small group activities, taking training closer to the real game. Topics will still be technical in nature, focusing on the execution of skills within small group tasks. Again, training will be structured as technical stations and players will follow a similar rotation pattern as the younger group. 
  5. Senior players, U15-U19 will be exposed to technical challenges within game situations. Small sided games will be set up and structured to allow for the development of technical skills. 
  6. All age groups will incorporate the Rush Core Values. 
Why is it Important for my son or daughter to attend?
Each player will have the opportunity to work with our highly qualified and experienced Directors / Staff Coaches. Players will also have the opportunity to train with players from other teams and earn opportunities to train with higher level or older groups.

Why do I see older Rush players helping my son or daughter?
In Fall 2019 the Rush Pueblo / Pueblo West Senior division implemented a new program Rush Pueblo West 'Giving Back to the Game Program'. The aim of the program is to actively engage our oldest players with our younger players to help older players understand the importance of the role they play in the development of the next generation, not only on the soccer field but in life. We also hope to increase club UNITY through this program. 

When is Staff Training held?

- March 26, April 9, 23 and May 7

- 5:00-6:00pm - U9 to U12
- 6:00-7:00pm - U13 to U14

Where is Staff Training held?

All staff training is held at Langoni Soccer Complex

What is the focus of the session for my child age group? 

U9-U10 - Individual and small group technical proficiency.  We want to encourage the players to be comfortable and confident on the ball.  Individual ball skills and clean technique when passing, dribbling and shielding the ball.

U11-U12 - Individual and small group technical proficiency and basic tactical awareness.  We want the players to understand concepts of when to pass and when to dribble, movement with and without the ball and understanding the tactical decisions needed in the 9v9 field.

U13-U14 - Moving toward larger group team concepts whilst still ensuring the focus on technique is still adhered too.   The focus on attacking principles and understanding what the opposition is allowing you to do in order to be successful.

U15-19 - The senior division will be working on attacking as a team concept, creating numbers up advantages through combination play and using the 11v11 field to exploit weaknesses in the opposition.


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