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Lake Nona Jr. Lions Pop Warner Football and Cheer

Lake Nona Jr. Lions Pop Warner Football and Cheer

Program & Registration FAQ

What is required to register my child for Lake Nona Youth Sport (Home of the Lake Nona Jr. Lions) Football or Cheer teams for the 2019 season?

1.      All Registration is done online using this link:

a.      You will need to enter your child’s Birthday. 

2.      You will need to electronically sign the Waivers when registering online

3.      A copy of your Child’s Birth Certificate**

4.      A Physical dated in the Calendar year of 2019.   It MUST be on the Pop Warner sanctioned physical form  which you can download online.**

5.      Your Childs most Recent Report Card**

6.      A mandatory pre-season meeting will be announced closer to the start of the season.  At this meeting we will provide additional information for parents and athletes.  This will also be an opportunity to turn in any missing paperwork so your child can start practice on day 1 of practice and not be delayed. 

**Please understand that you may register your child without the copy of the Birth Certificate, Physical or Report card, however they WILL NOT be allowed to participate in practice, games or receive uniforms/t-shirts until those three items are received.  This will be enforced on the first days/weeks of practice. 

What age Children can play Football or Cheer?

Lake Nona Jr. Lions is participating in Pop Warner Football and Cheer this year and we are accepting Children ages 5-14 which is the age requirements set forth by the Mid Florida Pop Warner Conference.   The age brackets are determined with a birthday cut off of 7/31.

How much is it to play Football/Cheer for the 2019 Season with Lake Nona Jr. Lions?

The fee to play is $275** plus a $10 non-refundable administration fee. 

For Football these prices include the use of your helmet, practice jersey and shoulder pads.  You get to keep your game jersey, game pants, trophy, insurance, socks and the Pop Warner Fees. 

For Cheer these prices include a cheer uniform, shirt and bows.  Please note each athlete will be required to get a pair of Cheer shoes.  Your Coach will be sending a link on recommendations on where to purchase Cheer Shoes. 

*No Cash or checks will be accepted, as you must complete registration online and pay via credit card. 

**In general, once equipment, uniforms, and or contracts are ordered/signed we do not have the luxury to award refunds. 

Please keep in mind we are a parent run nonprofit with limited resources and are supported by a combination of donations and registration fees.  No Coach, Team Parent, Volunteer nor Board Member is paid for the time and/or commitment to deliver this service to our community. 

Scholarships: Hardship scholarships are available but limited, for more information please Email: [email protected]

Why am I not registering my child for a specific Division?

Pop Warner is separated into specific divisions selected by the Football Directors and Cheer Director advance.  Not all organizations offer the same types of age/weight divisions.  For Football and Cheer your child will play in an age and weight division with similar players of their age and weight range. 

The coaching staff has final say on which team members play where.  Please understand that we cannot necessarily accommodate requests to be placed on teams with siblings, friends or neighbors. 

"As an organization we choose to place the child in a lower weight division, while still using age parameters in order to make each team the most competitive and safe as possible." 

Are you offering Flag Football for the 2019 Fall Football Season for ages 5-6? 

This year we are participating in the Mid Florida Pop Warner Conference where we are offering Tackle football for ages 5-14. 

Does my child have to Try-out to be on the Football or Cheerleading team?

No.  Pop Warner programs are not permitted to hold tryouts or cutting of rosters.

What about my child’s playing time in Football?

Pop Warner has Minimum Play Rules (MPR).  All players must play a minimum number of plays in each game.  The number is dependent on level and size of the squad, the number usually varies per squad, but will never be less than 6.  Parents and assist coaches on each team assist in tracking minimum plays.  Players are not however guaranteed equal playing time.

Is Pop Warner Football and Cheer Safe?

Pop Warner has a long history of providing a safe environment for all of our members.  Kids compete with kids of similar age and size.  Pop Warner is the ONLY youth football program (local, regional and national) that sets and strictly enforces a strict Age & Weight Matrix that reduces the risk and reality of injuries.  Datalys rules and heads-Up football Training result in an injury rate that has 87% fewer injuries than non-Heads-Up/non Pop Warner programs.

Must Cheer Squads accompany football teams in post-season play?

Yes.  Each cheer squad is assigned to a football team and is considered a part of that team.  Cheer squads must accompany that football team to all games, regular season and post season, as well as compete in cheer competitions.

How can I volunteer to be a Coach, Team Parent, or Game Day Coordinator for Lake Nona Jr. Lions?

Volunteers are one of the most important parts of our organization and volunteerism is required by a parent or guardian of each child playing. 

All parents will be required to volunteer at least twice (a total of approximately 3 hours) during the Football/Cheer season.  Parents can volunteer for any number of Game Day Opportunities.  These include concessions, game day announcing, scoreboard and sideline help during home games.  We are always looking for photographers to take photos and film games.  We will have numerous non-game day opportunities available as well. These efforts will be coordinated through the Team parents once the season starts.  Hours will be tracked by head coaching staff and Directors of Football and Cheer. 

If you would like to start volunteering your time in regards to coaching or helping out on our Board please send an email to [email protected]

What do I need to know about practices?

First practices will begin August 1st.  All coaches expect everyone to be on the field, ready for practice, promptly.  In August, practices are Monday through Friday. When school starts, practices are typically cut back to 3 Days a week.  More specific information regarding practice days and times will be sent out as August approaches. 

When do games start/end?

Games begin the first Saturday after Labor Day and continue through early November. Games are played on Saturdays.  Home games are played at the Lake Nona High School Football stadium.  Travel game locations are TBD after all registration is complete. 

Game start times will depend on the division your athlete plays in.  The local cheer and dance competition is held in October.  Bowl games and regional playoffs for teams qualifying for post season games are played in November. 

Are there Academic Requirements to Participate in Pop Warner Football or Cheer?

Yes.  Pop Warner little Scholars, Inc. (PWLS) is the only national youth sports organization in America that requires its participants to perform adequately in the classroom before permitting them to play.  We believe that the standards we have set give these children a sense of responsibility and an appreciation for academics and athletics that will help them develop later in life. 

Proof of satisfactory progress in school is required.  A 2.0 or 70% or the equivalent shall be the minimum grade point average acceptable to participate.  Those who do not meet this requirement or home-schooled students can still pay if they follow the alternative eligibility process which is monitored by progress reports.

What if I have issues with other parents or coaches?

We ask that you speak with the head coach first. However, if your issue is not resolved, then see the one of the Co-Football Directors or Director of Cheer. If your issue cannot be still cannot resolved, then the Directors may bring it to the Football Committee and/or Board of Directors. 

Do I have to live in the Lake Nona Area to participate in the Pop Warner Lake Nona Jr. Lions Football or Cheer Team?

If you have specific questions regarding this please contact Email: [email protected]

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