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Revere Youth Football & Cheer


Can my child play?
Here is a breakdown of the team levels:
Grades are based of grade levels the child will be entering in Aug./Sept.

FLAG- Grades 1 & 2 – Flag football
Date of Birth MUST be between 7/31/15-7/31/18 - 
Age protected at 8.

CRUSADERS- Grades 3 & 4 –Tackle football
Date of Birth MUST be between 7/31/13-7/31/15 - Age protected at 10.

SPARTANS- Grades 5 & 6 – Tackle football
Date of Birth MUST be between 7/31/11-7/31/13 Age protected at 12.

GLADIATORS- Grades 7 & 8 – Tackle football
Date of Birth MUST be between 7/31/08-7/31/11 Age protected at 14. Cannot be going into 9th grade come Sept.

U8 - Ages 5, 6, 7, 8 - Skill Level 1 & 2

U10 - Ages 7, 8, 9, 10 - Skill Level 1 & 2

U12 - Ages 9, 10, 11, 12 - Skill Level 2 & 3

U14 - Ages 11, 12, 13, 14 Skill Level 1, 2, 3, & 4

I don't live in the city, Can my child still join for the season?
No, only exception to this is if there is a parent that resides or works in the city of Revere.

What type of time commitment is my child making?
We typically practice 4 times a week until school starts then practice drops to 3 times a week.
Practice is normally two hours in the evening and games are mostly on Sunday but can also be on Saturday.
Football coaches may request a Saturday walk-thru that lasts about an hour.

As our cheering teams near competition, it is possible that the coaches will call extra practices depending on the teams progress.
Coaches will communicate these practices to families. Typically, these extra practices are held on the weekends.

When does the season start?
Mandatory Football and Cheer Practice begins on Tuesday August 1st 
Football at Harry Della Russo Stadium 6pm – 8pm
Cheer at the Beachmont School 5pm - 7pm

When are the games?
Games are every Sunday starting September 10th
1st Cheer Comp is Oct. 7th
ootball Playoffs, if qualified, are November 12th and November 19th

What will game times be?
FLAG Grades 1 & 2 @ 9AM
CRUSADERS Grades 3 & 4 Tackle: @ 10:30AM
SPARTANS Grades 5 & 6 Tackle: @ 12PM
GLADIATORS Grades 7 & 8 Tackle: @ 1:30PM

Where are home games held?
Harry Della Russo Stadium - 75 Park Ave. Revere

Is there travel involved?
Yes & No,
As cheer advance in competitions, travel would be to RI, should they advance there, Nationals would be in FL

Football advances thru local playoffs, they have the opportunity to advance into the Championships, which are played locally, they do not travel to FL.

Is uniform included in the registrations fee?
Football will be provided, Helmet, Game Jersey & Shoulder Pads (to be returned at the last game of the season)
Cheer does not include: Uniform & comp sneakers. Comp kit (comp shirt/bow) is included in the registration fee.

When is equipment handout?

Date and time have not yet been determined.