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(Amended as of 01/09/2023)


Purpose: c



Cheerleaders make a commitment to TJYCA when they choose to sign up at registration. This pledge is the key to a fun and positive team experience. As an organization, TJYCA builds a sense of pride and commitment on an individual basis as well as the value of teamwork within the squads. As parents, it is important that we encourage this dedication by adhering to the standards set forth for all cheerleaders.


·         Summer camp is MANDATORY. Any cheerleader not attending camp may not be included in stunts or routines for their safety and the safety of others. Attendance is a must. If a cheerleader misses a practice, an e-mail or text message is expected.

·         A missed practice may result in that cheerleader not participating in a stunt or routine.

·         It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide or arrange transportation to and from any and all cheering event. After scheduled practice time is over, the coaches will a lot 10 minutes for any parent to arrive. Thereafter, coaches are not responsible for the children.

·         Respect and attention is to be given to the coaches at all times. Also, cheerleaders shall respect other cheerleaders, football players and fans, including ours and those of our opponents.

·         Uniform guidelines are to be adhered to at all times. Every cheerleader must wear only TJYCA approved items and follow the request of the coach.

·          At events, hair is to be pulled back into TJYCA approved hair accessories. If the hair is in any other fashion, the cheerleader may be unable to participate.

·         Every cheerleader is responsible for having their own set of poms with them, fluffed (filled out) at all times. Not having the proper poms will result in not being able to cheer for the event. It is mandatory that poms are labeled.

·         Every cheerleader is responsible for their own uniform pieces, per the By-Laws, to be ready in their TJYCA Bag (labeled with their name) at each event: skirt, vest, black leggings, black turtleneck, white ankle sport socks, pompoms, black cheerleading briefs (trunks), white cheer shoes, gloves/headband, water bottle. During the month of October the Board may approve and provide additional gear for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

·         When the standards and guidelines are not followed, disciplinary actions will be taken as needed, as outlined in Article X Cheerleading Guidelines, of the TJYCA By-Laws.

·         Cheerleaders are expected to march with their squad in the Pleasant Hills Community Day Parade and represent the local community. Cheerleaders who participate in any other fashion without prior approval from the Board may be subject to disciplinary actions as necessary.

·         Pictures and Videos will be taken of the cheerleaders at practices, games, Community Day, etc. for routine and cheer purposes, as well as our end of year banquet booklet.


Coaching Guidelines 2017:

·         Once registration processes are complete, every effort is made to "graduate" returning girls with returning coaches, to continue the strong cheer/coach relationships.

·         Please make sure all information for each girl is correct. This is how the registration papers were signed; please verify with the parents.

·         TJYCA will cheer in the league designated by the TJ Youth Football. We follow their schedules as they become available to us.

·         TJYCA is a non-competing organization.

·         Majority of communication between Board and Coaches is done via email and text; please remember to check emails for updates. Call with questions and/or concerns.

·         Squad related expenses need to be approved by the President and Treasurer before spending on supplies. Expenses will be reimbursed when receipts are given to the Treasurer.

·         Each squad will have one Head Coach and Assistant Coaches. Coaches will be responsible for all communications with the squad.

·         Each squad may have student volunteers from the West Jefferson Hills School District. These student volunteers MUST be current cheerleaders at the middle or high school and approved by the Board.

·         Students who are eligible to cheer for TJYCA and have chosen not to cannot help and may not come onto the cheer practice area or football field.  

·         Refrain from giving additional gifts at the Banquet or in the presence of other cheerleaders out of respect for all of the participants.

·         Coaches are encouraged to share photos of their squads with the Board for use in the banquet program.


Community Day Guidelines:

·         We ask that Cheerleaders participate in the annual "Community Day" events that are scheduled.

·         The Board will approve cheer attire for Community Day.

·         There will be no riding in vehicles; cheerleaders in the parade will walk wearing provided cheer attire.

·         Water will be on hand for the girls during the parade.


Coaches Property:

·         Coaches’ shirts will be provided for first year coaches and student volunteers. Coaches’ shirts are to be worn at all football games and Community Day. The Board may elect to provide shirts for returning coaches.

·         A first-Aid Kit will be provided by the Board.

·         Cheer banner will be provided by the Board and must be returned at the end of the cheer season.  

·         A radio and/or blue-tooth speaker will be provided by the Board for practice and game use and must be returned to the Board upon conclusion of the cheer season.




·         Practices are to be held in a public area, not at a personal residence.

·         Practices are recommended twice a week during summer and once a week – two or less than two hours - after school starts.

·         Please refrain from reserving areas under "TJ Youth" without clearing it with the Board and providing separate contact information. This is to cause minimal confusion if changes need to be made.

·         Please watch hours of practice to consider most convenient attendance for majority of girls; this includes working parents.

·         Please keep in mind temperatures when practicing. In extreme heat, remember to allow for extra water breaks, shade if possible and/or necessary, watch for signs of heat sickness, or reschedule if possible and/or necessary.

·         The Board will obtain the necessary permits for fall indoor practices if possible.


Game Etiquette:

·         Dress code for cheerleaders is located in By-Laws.

·         When arriving at away locations, take initiative to meet opposing team's cheer coach, locate where your cheer area will be, location of restrooms, emergency personnel, where half-time music will be played, present squad with "Hello" cheer. Follow the opposing team's "Hello" cheer with "Let's, give those girls a hand, Let's give those girls a hand . . . they did good" cheer.

·         Only coaches and assistant coaches (and/or volunteer students as approved by the Board) are permitted with Cheerleaders on the field. Parents are to remain with the fans (barring unforeseen emergency situations).

·         Observe injured players (our team or opposing) with silent kneel. If mid-cheer, stop cheer and have girls kneel until player is attended to. When player is deemed "OK." honor with "Let's give that boy a hand, Let's give that boy a hand" cheer.

·         TJYCA cheerleaders represent our community. Please have everyone be responsible for their property, including garbage.

·         No cheerleader is to be sent anywhere alone. Coaches will assign a "bathroom" monitor each game.

·         All cheers should be in good taste.

·         If extreme weather conditions are present, (rain, coldness, heat, etc.) it is up to the individual coach to use their best judgment. We prefer the girls to cheer at least the first half and perform their routine; however, safety and wellness are key concerns, and the coach is allowed to make final judgment. We ask that if a coach decides on altering the cheering as scheduled, please notify the President. The Board will alert the Football President to advise of a team not coming to a football game for safety concerns.  




Amended as of April 28, 2017





Section 1:        This Association shall be named and known as the Thomas Jefferson Youth Cheerleading Association (TJYCA)





Section 1:        Provide an atmosphere of good sportsmanship, learning, and friendship in a safe environment, while being exposed to proper cheer techniques.


Section 2:        Cheer for our respective Youth Football teams. All applicants must be residents of the West Jefferson Hills School District.


Section 3:        Maintain a uniform code of ethics, positive self-concept and help in the development of them.


Section 4:        Promote an environment of open communication for mutual concerns of members of TJYCA.


Section 5:        TJYCA will follow Rules.






Section 1:        The administrative body of this organization shall be known as the Board of Directors.


Section 2:        The Board of Directors has the responsibility for the Administration of the Thomas Jefferson Youth Cheerleading Association and shall function only with the majority consent of the Board.


Section 3:        The organization shall be composed of parents, or those who act as parents of children involved in the organization.


Section 4:        The Board of Directors' Duties for this organization may include the following positions:


o   President

o   Vice President

o   Secretary

o   Treasurer

o   Uniform Chairperson

o   Community Day Chairperson

o   Technology Coordinator

o   Fundraising Coordinator

o   Banquet Chairperson

Section 5:        The Board of Directors will elect one Board Member as President. The term for the Board President shall be for one year. The President shall preside at all Board meetings. The Board of Directors will elect one Board Member as Vice-President. The Vice-President shall take over the Presidents responsibilities, if the President is unable to complete his/her term.


Section 6:        The Presidents vote shall act as a tiebreaker any time there is an even number of Board Members. The President shall assume or delegate the following responsibilities.


·         Work as a liaison between the coaches, parents and the Board of Directors.

·         Making sure that each Coach is equipped with a first aid kit and appropriate equipment.

·         Secure time and places for summer camp and outdoor practices.

·         Work with the West Jefferson Hills School District facilities coordinator to secure time for all squads beginning in September and to run through mid-November.

·         Any other responsibility he or she deems appropriate as outlined below. 


Section 7:        The Secretary will be responsible for:


·         Maintaining master list of cheerleaders by name, squad, etc.

·         Responsible for all correspondence, mailings, etc. that is generated by the Board.

·         Responsible for keeping minutes for all meetings and provide copies to Board members at each meeting.

·         Responsible for amending By-Laws.

·         Prepare for registration.

·         Secure time and location for registration.

·         Prepare notification to girls as to time, place and documents needed for registration.

·         Create, update, and maintain a Board-Approved Coaches Manual.


Section 8:        The Treasurer will be responsible for:


·         Receiving all payments from registration, moneys collected for uniform purchases, fund raising proceeds and other funds raised.

·         Maintaining checkbook and keep track of all deposits and expenses.

·         Working in conjunction with other Board and Committee members in tracking expenses associated with all activities of the organization.

·         The Treasurer shall make disbursements only as directed by the Board of Directors and should be counter-signed by any one of two appointed Board Members who will act as a co-signer on Bank Accounts held in the name of the organization.

·         The Treasurer shall make a monthly statement and annual report, which shall be presented, to the Board of Directors at the time of their meetings.

·         Assist Board with preparation of annual budget.


Section 9:        Uniform Chairperson Duties shall be:


·         Establishing uniform requirements.

·         Coordinating ordering of all apparel for uniforms.

·         Working with local uniform providers to determine best cost to organization for uniforms, poms, bags, embroidering, etc.

·         Developing all communication to girls regarding uniform requirements and optional apparel.


Section 10:      Community Day Chairperson Duties shall be:


·         Working with committee members to establish Community Day fundraising.

·         Communicating with Community Day organizers as to guidelines for booth, etc. if Board deems appropriate.

·         Establishing products being sold and coordinate all equipment, etc. need for day.

·         Developing work schedules including, set-up, clean up and workers during day.

·         Working with Treasurer to establish expenses and budgets and items needed for event.


Section 11:      Technology Coordinator Duties shall be:


·         Develop and maintain a website for TJYCA.

·         Work with the Board, Coaches and Football Coordinators to ensure that all practices, games, forms, directions and events are updated and accurate.

·         Coordinate instructional video of squad routine.

·         Coordinate DVD or CD-ROM reproduction of routines.

·         Collect photos from season for Banquet Coordinator.

·         Production video for banquet.


Section 12:      Fundraising Coordinator Duties shall be:


·         Proposing fundraising items to be sold.

·         Tracking inventory of fundraising items.

·         Coordinating sell and pick-up of fundraising items.

·         Proposing a plan to sell remaining inventory items.


Section 13:      Banquet Chairperson Duties shall be:


·         Establishing date, time and location of the banquet.

·         Coordinating with caterer on menu.

·         Scheduling entertainment.

·         Working with the Board on trophies or gifts.

·         Sending out communication to guests in regards to banquet information.

·         Establishing budget with Treasurer in regards to meal costs, trophies, gifts, entertainment, etc.

·         If needed, securing AV equipment for video presentation at banquet.


Section 14:      A quorum of the Board of Directors shall be a majority of the members thereof. Decision-making involving a quorum can be done via meeting or phone call. If a quorum decision is made via phone it is the responsibility of that Board member looking for a decision to notify the secretary so the action can be recorded. It is then the responsibility of the Secretary to include that specific decision in the minutes read and conveyed to those Board members not aware of that specific decision at the next scheduled Board meeting.


Section 15:      Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held at the call of any three members of the Board.


Section 16:      The Board of Directors shall have the right to fill any vacancies among officers of the Organization, subject to subsequent approval of the Board, or disperse vacant duties among remaining board members.


Section 17:      Board members shall be permitted to remain on the Board for two terms and will be asked back based on merit/performance. Also, Board members must have a child active in cheer during their term and can be asked to leave the Board once child is no longer active.


Section 18:      Nominations for open positions for the Board of Directors shall be made by written or verbal nomination. The consent of all nominees must be obtained. Only parents or those who act as parents, of active cheerleaders shall be able to hold office.


Section 19:      The Election of new Board Members shall take place at the end of a regular scheduled season at the discretion of the current Board.


Section 20:      The Board shall have the right to reassign duties, add, or delete positions, as it may deem necessary.


Section 21:      No one can serve in more than one capacity on the Board, unless approved by the Board.


Section 22:      Board meetings will be held monthly and as deemed necessary. Meetings shall be scheduled and approved at a time most convenient for the attendance of all board members.


Section 23:      The Board of Directors shall be the chief policy-making and executive arm of the Association and shall have the responsibility of carrying out the purpose of the Association.


Section 24:      The Board of Directors will approve any fund-raising activities proposed.


Section 25:      The Board of Directors will establish goals for the Association for the season.


Section 26:      The Board of Directors will establish a budget for the year.


Section 27:      The Board of Directors will select from names submitted a minimum of two and a maximum of three coaches for each squad. The Board shall also have the power to dismiss any coach who is grossly neglecting the duties of his/her position or who is not following the By-Laws and/or Team Policies and Procedures.


Section 28:      The TJYCA Board of Directors shall:


·         Establish the organizational structure, defining all Board positions, responsibilities and duties.

·         Arbitrate any differences of opinion that may arise.

·         Establish a registration fee.

·         Determine activities to be sponsored by Association.

·         Set guidelines governing the required participation of Directors.






Section 1:        Registration will be held annually in the winter/spring and open to the residents of the West Jefferson Hills School District who will be in 1st through 6th grades during the following school year.


Section 2:        The Board of Directors will determine the registration fee each year. The Registration Fee is non-refundable after the registration deadline, which will be determined by the Board each year.


Section 3:        All cheerleaders/parents/guardians are required to complete all necessary Registration and Uniform Fitting requirements.


Section 4:        A copy of the By-Laws will be kept by the Secretary and made available for viewing/downloading on the organization's website. A copy of the By-Laws shall be provided upon request.


Section 5:        The Board will determine each squad's size and grades each year, based upon the amount of girls who register.


Section 6:        Every attempt will be made to keep each squad divided evenly.


Section 7:        All cheerleaders will pay a full registration fee. No discounts will be given for siblings.


Section 8:        At the discretion of the Board, late registration may be accepted if cheerleader has found an alternative for TJYCA uniform and required items.





Section 1:        This account is the property of TJYCA.


Section 2:        Cheerleader accounts will consist of all moneys due for registration and uniform/accessories ordered.


Section 3:        The amount due on the account will be provided in writing at registration and upon request.


·         It is recommended that all MONIES due to TJYCA be made by way of check.  Cash is acceptable for fundraising items.  


Section 4:        Uniforms/Accessories ordered must be paid for in full no later than the date set by the Board of Directors.







Section 1:        The Coaches shall:


·         Apply for a coaching position each year;

·         Be selected each year by the Board of Directors;          

·         Keep accurate records at all scheduled practices and games;

·         Execute TJYCA Coach’s Commitment and Expectations document; and

·         Conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner at all times when in the presence of their squad.


Each squad will have a minimum of (2) coaches. The Board of Directors must approve assistant coaches and volunteers.


All coaches will be required to obtain PA Clearances. Wear official TJYCA Coaches attire or school colors. Understand that TJYCA is a NON-Competing Organization.


The Coaches shall give in writing to all cheerleaders:


1.            Practice Policies:


·         Recommended Practices will start in July on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

·         Camp is Mandatory for all Cheerleaders.

·         Fall practice sessions will be given before the end of August.

·         Practices must be attended to run stunts safely, efficiently. Not coming to practices prior to game day may result in cheerleaders being pulled out of the stunt, or not placed in one. It is coaches’ discretion to remove a cheerleader from a stunt.


2. Required attire for games and competitions.


3. Standards for Participation.




·         Coaches will be dismissed by the Board of Directors if a Coach displays behavior unacceptable and unprofessional.


·         Coaches are not to leave practices or games until all cheerleaders have been picked up by parent/guardian.


·         Coaches will encourage sportsmanship and teamwork.





Section 1:        There will be no sexually suggestive lyrics, motions, or music. Music cheers, chants and dances will be in generally good taste.


Section 2:        During the regular season when cheering for Youth Football teams:


·         Cheerleaders are required to cheer the entire game, barring extenuating circumstances such as illness, changes in schedule, family emergencies, and weather. Those circumstances must be communicated with the coach prior to the game.


·         If a player is down/injured, cheerleaders will be silent and will, if possible, kneel at the designated cheerleading location. If kneeling is not possible, or advisable (muddy, etc.) they should stand still and silent.


Section 3:        Summer camp is mandatory. Any cheerleader not attending camp may not be included in stunts or routines for their safety and the safety of others. Attendance is a must. If a cheerleader misses a practice, an e-mail or text message is expected.


Section 4:        The parent is responsible for notifying the coach if cheerleader is unable to attend a practice or game.


Section 5:        The following will NOT be tolerated:


·         Poor attitude toward other squad members or team coaches.

·         Not listening to team coach or coordinator.

·         Undesirable language.

·         Yelling remarks to any cheerleader, any football player, and any coach.

·         Chewing gum.

·         Smoking and Vaping are PROHIBITED at PRACTICES AND GAMES.

·         Eating while cheering.

·         Leaving the cheering area.


Section 6:        Each cheerleader is responsible for their own equipment.


Section 7:        It is important for cheerleaders to attend all practices and games as it affects the entire squad and performance.


Section 8:        Cheerleaders are to arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start of a game (or as instructed by her coach). Coaches discretion can be up to 1 hour prior to the game beginning to make changes as necessary.


Section 9:        If a cheerleader does not attend practices and does not know the dance routine, she will not perform at half time. Coaches will determine if any action needs to be taken.


Section 10:      NO MAKE-UP.


Section 11:      NO EARRINGS OF ANY KIND.


Section 12:      NO JEWELRY OF ANY KIND.


Section 13:      All hair (except bangs) must be pulled away from the face and up off the collar, preferably into a high ponytail with approved accessories.


Section 14:      No barrettes or headbands in the hair except for the TJYCA approved uniform hair accessory.


Section 15:      No long strands of hair hanging onto the face.


Section 16:      Shoes must be white, neat and clean. Laces must be clean.


Section 17:      Discipline will be enforced as follows for un-sportsmanship-like behavior or BULLYING:


·         First offense - a verbal warning and a phone call to parents. A document will be signed.

·         Second offense - suspension for 2 games, Board Meeting will take place with the family and a document will be signed for the suspension, minimum of 3 Board members voting in Favor of the suspension.

·         Third offense – expulsion – Another meeting with the Board and the family, a document will be signed for the explusion of the cheerleader for the remainder of the season. Minimum of 3 Board members voting in-favor of the expulsion.


Section 18:      All cheerleaders must arrive promptly and be picked up promptly from every practice. IF THIS IS NOT ADHERED TO - ACTION WILL BE TAKEN.




Section 20:      Required dress for games:


·         Skirt and vest are to be worn during warmer days in case of extremely warm weather; coaches may elect to use parade uniforms.

·         Skirt, black turtleneck and vest are to be worn on colder TJYCA days.

·         Warm-up Attire and/or TJYCA jackets may be worn over uniform as needed during cold weather or as deemed necessary.

·         All girls are to be uniformly attired, i.e. same color sweatshirt, jackets on, cheerleading socks, etc.

·         All articles are to be carried in cheerleading bag to each game.

·         Ultimately, it is the coaches’ decision as to attire to be worn at each game.


Section 21:      Required uniform items needed for each game.


·         Skirt

·         Vest

·         Bow

·         Warm-up Jacket

·         Black leggings (Under Armour or equivalent)

·         Black turtleneck

·         White ankle sport socks

·         Pompoms

·         Black cheerleading briefs (trunks)

·         White cheer shoes

·         Gloves/Headbands

·         Water Bottle





Section 1:        Parent meetings may be called as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.


Section 2:        It is the responsibility of the parent to get his/her cheerleader to practice and games on time and pick them up at the designated time.


Section 3.        Practices are closed to parents unless coaches permit otherwise.


Section 4.        The following will NOT be tolerated:


·         Poor attitude toward other squad members or team coaches.

·         Undesirable language.

·         Yelling remarks to squad members of visiting team.


Section 5.        TJYCA is a volunteer run and coached activity. Respect of Coaches, Board Members and other Parents is critical.


Section 6.        Concerns should be raised with squad coaches first and in a respectful manner. If the issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, it is your responsibility to contact the President.


Section 7.        Discipline will be enforced as follows for un-sportsmanship-like behavior:


·         First offense - warning from coaches

·         Second offense - suspension for 2 games from stands and a meeting with the Board (Parents and Cheerleader)

·         Third offense - expulsion and a meeting with the Board. (Parents and Cheerleader)

·         The Board in extreme cases may have to exclude from participation based on the parent's behavior.

·         Your behavior within the organization can jeopardize your child’s ability to remain in the organization. If a parent is expelled, so is the cheerleader.





Section 1:        An annual banquet will be held honoring the cheerleaders. The Board of Directors will set the date, time, location, gifts and activities.





Section 1:        The TJYCA may participate in Community Day Parades.


·         Participation in the parade will be encouraged, but not mandatory.

·         Cheerleaders will not be permitted to ride in parade vehicles.


Section 2:        The TJYCA may have a booth at any community event. The Board of Directors will determine any fundraising activities if any.





Section 1:        The members of the Board of Directors may, by a ¾ vote of the members present and voting, alter, amend, suspend or annul these By-Laws.  Such action needs to be recorded in the meeting minutes so there is an accurate record of said change.






Section 1:        Unless specifically otherwise provided herein, the latest revision of Roberts Rules of Order shall govern conduct of the TJYCA business.





Section 1:        TJYCA shall exist perpetually.


Section 2:        If, however, by law or circumstance, TJYCA should cease to exist, all debts shall be satisfied, and then all remaining money shall be split evenly among all Board Members of the TJYCA.




Section 1:        The Board of Directors shall have all final words on above by-laws throughout the year.




Section 1:        The Board of Directors will abide by all West Jefferson Hills School District Guidelines for pandemic regulations. (Quarantining/If they are fully vaccinated, etc.)


Section 2:        Should a squad have one or more cases; The Board of Directors will reach out to the CDC and Pennsylvania health guidelines center for what steps to take. This includes but not limited to cancelling 1 or not attending a scheduled football game. 


Section 3:        The Board of Directors will send out an email to all families of that squad alerting them that there has been a positive case(s) of COVID-19 found, The Board will NOT disclose any Protected Health Information (PHI) of the child(ren) involved.


Section 4:        If a Coach or cheerleader attends practices or games knowing that they have COVID-19, actions will be taken against them for putting everyone else in danger. This is not limited to, a verbal warning, suspension, or not being able to coach/cheer moving forward, as they have jeopardized the safety of their team.

Section 5:        If your child has missed school due to not feeling well, or has been sent home by the school nurse, please do not bring your child to practice or a football game.












APPROVED THIS DAY, January 9th, 2023

BY THE 2022 Board of Directors:


Marissa Williams

Erin Sweeney

Leann Ruffing

De Blackmore

Jess McMurray

Katy DelGreco

Kristin Schottenheimer

Kayla Andrews

Nikki Losteter


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