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Complaint Policy

New Mexico Pop Warner Associations are responsible for the smooth operation of the Association throughout the year.  Board of Directors are responsible for literally hundreds of children and parents during the season.  Directors are inundated every season with emails and phone calls from parents and coaches with questions, concerns, issues and general questions relating to our Association.

     In order to reduce the stress  on the Directors that makes this league possible, we have a very strict procedure on dealing with complaints and issues.

Please keep in mind that everyone is a volunteer within our organization and while every issue is important to us, there may be other commitments that might take initial priority. All complaints brought before the Board of Directors will be answered as quickly as possible.

If the chain of command is not followed, the complaint will be rejected and you will be asked to resolve present your issue following the correct chain of command.

The following issues or complaints will not be addressed under any circumstances.

•         Playing time (exception:  violations of the minimum play rule as presented on the official record)

•         Player positions/ Cheer and Dance squad positions

•         Coaching plans; schemes, packages, practice schedules or routines

•         League Constitution or By-laws regarding Policies and Procedures

Chain of Command

Chain of Command for Grievances

If there is a question or complaint against a player, a parent, a member of the coaching staff, an official, a member of the Board, or the Board of Directors, the complaint must be filed with the appropriate member in the Chain of Command. Always try to resolve the issue within at one level before proceeding up the Chain of Command.

1st Chain of Command

Head Coach, Team Parent or Team’s Assistants

Almost 90% of  issues can be resolved by simply talking to your coaching staff.

2nd Chain of Command

Football Commissioner or Cheer Director

If you do not feel your grievance has been resolved by the Coaching staff , then you can approach your association board members via the Football Commissioner for issues involving football players or for coaching issues or  Cheer Director for issues involving any cheerleaders/dance participants issues or for Cheer coaching issues.

If neither agent is available (or the complaint is against them), you  may approach our Secretary, Safety Director or Treasurer for further information.

3rd Chain of Command

President of your NMPW association and the Board of Directors  - Via formal  written grievance

If you do not feel your grievance has been resolved, by the Football commissioner or the Cheer Director then you can submit a formal complaint in writing to your association board of directors or by completing the “Grievance Form”.

4th Chain of Command

New Mexico Pop Warner Little Scholars (NMPW) - Via formal  written grievance

Final Chain of Command

Southwest Region - Via formal  written grievance

When do you contact Regionals? Almost never, There are only two people from your Association who can contact Conference: the  Association President and Cheer Director.  If you have an issue that you believe should come to the attention of Southwest Region, please do this through one of your two league representatives.

If you have a complaint against the League's Board of Directors, then, and only then, may you submit a formal complaint in writing to MAC.


When do I contact National Pop Warner?

In a word, NEVER!  National Pop Warner doesn’t hear complaints from anyone.

Decisions of the Southwest region are FINAL!  If you contact National Pop Warner, the complaint will be returned to the Southwest Regional Conference  If this happens, the person or persons filing the complaint will either be fined or suspended for not adhering to the chain of command.

Grievance Form

Grievance/Complaint Forms 

Please click on the link above to complete form.  NMPW will do our best to respond within 24 business hours of receiving complaint.

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