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St. Paul's & St. Ann's Basketball

St. Paul's & St. Ann's Basketball

St. Paul's Athletic League GAME RULES


It is a requirement that each player be granted equal playing time. Failure to follow this requirement, in the opinion of league officials, will result in a forfeit. This applies to both regular season and playoff games. Coaches are responsible for monitoring their own team’s playing time and have the players report to the scorer’s table if they are to enter the game when there is a stoppage of play.

The exceptions are as follows:

  • During overtime periods, there are no restrictions. You can play whomever you want for as long as you want.

  • If a player exits a game (e.g. fouls out or is injured), their remaining playing time must be split equally amongst the remaining players.

For purposes of calculation, the following are the even playing times.  We recommend all coaches use a scheduling tool like to plan out their substitutions.

# of Players

Playing Time


33.33 mins.


28.57 mins.


25 mins.


22.22 mins.


20 mins.


18.18 mins.


16.67 mins.


Teams should gather under the clock in the open end of the gym or in the hallways by the main entrance or side door. If queuing in the gym, please have the team take a knee and watch the game before theirs. Please instruct the players to wait for the teams to shake hands and gather all their belongings prior to setting up on your bench.


Teams will be allotted two (2) timeouts (of one (1) minute duration) per half which cannot be carried over. Each team will receive one (1) additional timeout per overtime period.


Games consist of two (2) halves of twenty (20) minutes running time. The clock will run constantly except for the last two (2) minutes of the second half. The clock will then stop on every referee whistle. The referee will have the discretion of halting the clock for any other unusual circumstance.

Games may begin with a minimum of four (4) players on a team. If a team can field five (5) players, it may do so regardless of the opposing team’s strength. No team may continue play unless it has at least three (3) players on the court. Less than three (3) players will constitute a forfeit, regardless of the score.

Halftime will consist of a three (3) minute stoppage unless games are running behind schedule whereby the referee has sole discretion to shorten the halftime.

Overtime(s) will be two (2) minutes each and the clock will stop on every referee whistle. Overtimes continue until there is a winner. Full court press is allowed in all overtime periods.


Players will be allotted five (5) personal fouls before fouling out. Teams will shoot one and one upon the 7th team foul per half. Double bonus (two free throws) will be awarded upon the 10th team foul per half. Upon the 14th team foul per half, double bonus plus the ball is awarded.

Intentional fouls will be given a two (2) shot technical and retention of the ball. Two (2) technical fouls results in an automatic ejection and suspension from the next game for both players and coaches. A flagrant foul can cause automatic ejection after the first violation, if so warranted by the referee.


Grades 3-4

The short foul line will be used for foul shooting.

Full court pressing is limited to the last two (2) minutes of the second half and is not allowed if the team is leading by fourteen (14) or more points.  

Triple teaming of a player is not permitted. Only the player with the ball can be double teamed. Two (2) violations of this rule will result in a one (1) shot technical foul and possession of the ball.

Grades 5-6

The short foul line will be used for foul shooting.

Full court pressing is limited to the last two (2) minutes of each half and is not allowed if the team is leading by fourteen (14) or more points.

Grades 7-8

The regular foul line will be used for foul shooting.

Full court pressing is allowed for the entire game but is not allowed if the team is leading by fourteen (14) or more points.


When full court pressing is not allowed (as defined above), offensive players are required to drop back after the defensive team has gained possession of the ball. The defense MUST retreat and setup within the three point circle until the ball is well established across half court and offense has begun.  Defense can then extend beyond the three point line unless the team is winning by fourteen (14) or more points, in which case defense must remain within the three porint circle..


Only the head coach and one (1) assistant are permitted on the bench. However, in the event of teenage coaches, up to three (3) coaches are allowed on the bench with at least two (2) of those coaches being teenagers.

Obscene or abusive language or behavior towards officials or other players will constitute a technical foul. This rule applies to both coaches and players.

Three (3) point shots count at all levels.

No jewelry that could get caught on uniforms such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc.

No outside basketballs will be allowed in the gym. Coaches are responsible for informing their team.

No gum will be allowed in the gym.

No one is allowed on the stage during the games.

The last two teams to play on a given night are REQUIRED to stay and assist with clean-up which includes sweeping the floor, cleaning the bench area and turning out the lights. 


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