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What is PONY?
PONY (Protect Our Nations Youth) is an organization that hosts youth sports, much like Little League, USSSA, Babe Ruth League, etc.

What is the difference between PONY and Little League?
There are several differences but the major differentiator is the "MLB" style play of play. Meaning once your child reaches a player pitch age (10U and above) the rules are very similar to what you see on TV: leading off, base steals, pickoff moves, etc.

Why Pony?
We felt that we wanted to give every child in this program a better chance at competing intelligently at the style and pace of play as travel, middle school, high school, college or professional baseball and softball.

Why not USSSA, or ...?
After a lot of research and speaking with surrounding leagues we found that Pony has the best structure to guarantee a fun and full season not only for baseball but also our softball girls. There is more than 20 pony organizations all within an hour of Weatherford.

What bats can we use?
PONY follows the same USA Bat standards as Little League. For more information, visit

Are baseball pitch counts changing?
No. PNY follows the same pitch count standards as Little League. For more information, visit the MLB Pitch Smart program.

Is Weatherford Little League no more?
Yes. We have decided to rebrand our league to WBSA (Weatherford Baseball and Softball Association). This is largely due to the fact that we are not a Little League affiliated association any longer. Additionally, we want to refocus our brand to align with the city of Weatherford and teach these kids "Roo Pride" at the community youth baseball and softball levels.

What about All-Stars?
PONY has a very robust post season which actually offers more tournaments and opportunities than we’ve ever had with Little League. In fact this summer we will actually be hosting at least two of the post season tournaments right here in Weatherford!

Can my child play up a division?
Yes. PONY allows for players to play up by one division. For example, if a player is league age 8, they are eligible for 8U and 10U, but not 12U.

Can my child play down a division?

Are girls allowed to play baseball?
Yes. Girls are welcome to register for either baseball or softball.

Are boys allowed to play softball?

What are the birthday cutoffs?
For baseball, the birthday cutoff is April 30th of the upcoming year. For softball, the birthday cutoff is December 31st of the previous year. For example, a baseball player turning 9 years old on March 1st, 2024 is considered league age 9, and eligible for the 10U and 12U divisions in the Spring 2024 season. A softball player turning 11 years old on December 20th, 2023 is eligible for the 12U and 14U divisions in the Spring 2024 season.

PONY Baseball League Age Key

PONY Girls Softball League Age Key

Will we have to travel? Will other communities be traveling to play us in Weatherford?
In certain divisions, depending on registration numbers, there is a possibility of travel. It is WBSA's intention to have enough registered players in each division to make a full season here locally. In the event that there aren't enough teams made to guarantee a full season, we would then Inter-League with surrounding leagues.

As an example, for the Fall 2023 season, the 8U Softball, 10U Softball, 12U Softball, 14U Softball, and 14U Baseball divisions had a limited number of registered teams, so we worked with surrounding leagues to add additional Inter-League games in both Weatherford and at the fields of our neighboring towns.

NOTE: The 4U and 6U divisions will not travel for regular season play.

Is the 6U Division Coach Pitch or T-Ball?
This division was formerly known as Coach Pitch 1, or CP1. However, PONY rules call for this to be a T-Ball division. We are still exploring how this division will be structured in order to best support our community.

A Note Regarding the 4U and 6U Divisions:
It is WBSA's desire to have full, separate 4U and 6U baseball and softball divisions. However, traditionally, these divisions have not had enough players to form separate baseball and softball divisions for these age groups. In the event that there are not enough players to form separate baseball and softball divisions, we will integrate the girls into the appropriate baseball division.


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