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Sweet Feet Information

Sweet Feet is a soccer and movement education program geared towards teaching children using the most innovative methodologies to create a positive learning environment.  We educate children between the ages of 2 and 10 within our Sweet Feet and Sweet Feet Academy Programs.  The effective learning environment within each program leads participants towards having fun, developing skills, and becoming passionate about participation. We aim to create lifetime learners that appreciate physical activity and health.  #LaughingIsLearning

Sweet Feet Benefits for Participants Include:

  • Increased motor development focusing upon learning how to hop, skip, gallop, jump, and run at different speeds.
  • Coordination, balance, and agility development.
  • Soccer development focused upon learning how to dribble, pass, receive, and shoot.
  • Character enhancement through learning lessons such as hard work, enthusiasm, friendship, and cooperation.
  • A boost to self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Development of healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Growth in creativity and imagination.

Program participants have an amazingly fun time during classes and many cannot wait to attend their next soccer class.  Please contact Coach Brad at 912-257-3989 or [email protected] for more information on how your child can be part of the fun!