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Sweet Feet Soccer GA & SC

Parent Testimonials

Parents of Sweet Feet Participants have a unique view in the life of their child. They get to hear the description of what Sweet Feet class is after each and every session. Check out the parent testimonials below to gain insight into this wonderful program.

My son Finn has participated in the Sweet Feet program at St. Peter the Apostle for
two years.  It has given him the opportunity to learn the beginning fundamentals of soccer
in a fun and creative way.  Sweet Feet takes place once a week immediately after school 
which makes it wonderfully convenient for me.  Each session focuses on a specific set of 
skills with an original theme.  I am a mother of four children, and I admire how the coaches
work so well with the young, high energy participants.  I also appreciate the added bonus of 
cute weekly pictures of the kids having fun!  Finn never lets me forget that it is "Sweet Feet" day!

Parent - Erin Randall

I enthusiastically recommend Sweet Feet Soccer!!!  My son, Jonah, has been in the program for a year and is very confident with his soccer skills.  Jonah's depth perception is weak and for him to learn in a positive and non-threatening environment has been critical to his success. Coach Brad is all about encouraging the kids and makes learning fun.  We love getting weekly updates with pictures!  Sweet Feet has been the perfect program for Jonah!!!

Parent - Catherin Mafcher


The Sweet Feet program is a wonderful program for children!  My son was not outgoing.  He actually did not originally want to attend the Sweet Feet soccer program.  However, the coaches are incredibly patient and create fun interactive practices while focusing on the fundamentals of soccer.  Because of the great coaching staff, two years later Maximus still looks forward to Friday every week.  I have watched my son's motor skills, ability to follow instruction, and overall growth in confidence bloom since he joined the Sweet Feet program.  I highly recommend this program and the phenomenal coaches to anyone who wants to introduce their children to the world of soccer!

Parent - Jenny Martin 

The Sweet Feet program has been nothing short of amazing for our 4 year old son Hal.  As parents, we appreciate the professionalism of every single coach, as well as their commitment to ensuring the best experience possible for all of the players.  Hal is not only learning soccer skills, he is also learning how to be a team player and a good friend.  We look forward to our Sweet Feet practice every week and can't wait for next season!

Parents - Bret and Adrienne Bell

Our daughter has certainly enjoyed Sweet Feet.  Her love for soccer has grown and it is a 
refreshing program for Savannah.  The personalized attention that she has received has been
appreciated.  She thrives in the smaller class setting that Sweet Feet provides.  The follow up emails help us ask our daughter about soccer and that reminds her to run outside yet again and play some more!  We will certainly continue the program as long as it is age appropriate for her level of play.

Parents - Dana and Brad Whitfield