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Mar, 2020

Oxford Little League: Season Status Update

Dear OLL Families,

As you know, the OLL has paused all organized team activities through May 11, 2020.  While our public health situation continues to evolve, we remain optimistic that we will be able to start our season in May and that we all can look forward to exciting OLL action in the near future.
While organized team activities are suspended for now, it is important for our players to remain physically active and we want to encourage all of our OLL families to keep the kids practicing.  Particularly on nice days, and even with the rules of social distancing in place, it is a simple and worthwhile idea to have the kids play catch with other family members in the yard, or for kids to field ground balls hit or rolled by family members.  When there is not another family member available to participate, a player still can go into the yard with a bat and take swings or can throw a ball into the air to practice catching pop ups.  For kids who want to practice pitching or work on their throwing accuracy, draw a strike zone on a wall with some chalk and have the player throw a tennis ball against the wall.  

Whatever the activity, it is significant to keep the kids engaged athletically as we wait for our season to begin.  If anyone is in need of assistance, including equipment, please reach out to us at [email protected] and we will help in any way that we can.   

Thank you,
OxfordLL Board of Directors

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