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stretch-n-grow lehigh valley

All Star Soccer



Dates to Follow

9:30 - 10 AM (Mini Stars- ages 2-3.5) 
10 - 10:45 AM (Lil Stars 1 - ages 3.5- 4.5) 
10:45 - 11:40 AM (Lil Stars 2 - ages 4.5-6) 


 Our soccer program is divided up into three age-appropriate divisions. Each program fosters the development of its specific age group and provides activities that enhance basic soccer skills and motor development as well as team work & sportsmanship understanding. We provide a positive, structured organized sports experience for each individual child. In addition to teaching soccer skills, we also model Stretch-n-Grow's goals to teach the importance of proper exercise through warm-ups, cool downs, and muscle recognition.

Below are specific goals that each program is designed to teach:

 9:30 - 10 AM  


 The Mini Stars Program is designed to provide young children an opportunity to experience activities that are all geared towards basic soccer skills.  Your child will have lots of fun running, kicking, learning warm-up stories and chants, socializing, and learning the very basics of soccer while enhancing motor 

development and fitness.  Through our ball exploration activities, each player in our program will be exposed to valuable soccer skills such as ball 
control, dribbling, passing, and shooting.  Our ultimate goal is for every child in the 2-3 year old age group to gain a positive sports experience and to help foster in their development while enhancing their interest in the sport of soccer and learning the importance of team work and positive sportsmanship.


 LIL STARS  AGES  3.5-4.5 
10- 10:45 AM

The Lil' Stars Program is designed to provide young children an opportunity to experience activities that are all geared towards basic soccer skills while learning to follow directions from a coach.  Your child will have lots of fun running, kicking, learning warm-up stories and chants, socializing, and learning 

the very basics of soccer while enhancing motor development and fitness.  Through our ball exploration activities, each player in our program will be exposed to valuable soccer skills such as ball control, dribbling, passing, and shooting.  Our ultimate goal is for every child in the 3.5 - 5year old age group to gain a positive sports experience and to help foster in their development while enhancing their interest in the sport of soccer and learning the importance of team 
work and positive sportsmanship.


LIL STARS 2 - AGES 4.5 - 6 



All Star Soccer provides children ages 4-6 years with a fun-filled age appropriate clinic-style program that teaches proper fundamentals of soccer and game play strategy.  Children enrolled in our All Star Soccer Program will learn the importance of a proper warm-up, stretches, and exercises while gaining an understanding of the game rules & regulations.  Our All Stars will participate in activities that enhance directional sense, agility, spatial awareness, and basic motor skills.  Each player in our program will be taught valuable soccer skills such as making contact with the ball, ball control, dribbling, passing, and shooting.  We will give our players the opportunity to gain an understanding of game play.  We encourage basic "defending" skills of trying to get the ball back once it is lost and understanding transitions in game play (quick reactions to change in positions of play).  Our ultimate goal is for every child in the 4-6 year old age group to have fun, improve on their basic motor skills, and learn the basic idea of game play while reinforcing  the idea that  proper warm-ups, exercises, stretching, and positive sportsmanship are extremely important. 








Allentown, Pennsylvania 18104

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