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Cedar Valley Montesori School

Eichhorn Recreation specializes in providing exceptional on-site recreation programs for preschools and daycares.   Please take a moment to consider your child participating in the introductory sports program offered at CVMS this year.  Nearly Every Friday throughout the year there will be a program offered in the afternoon.


Little Sports uses age appropriate drills and equipment to create an engaging and fun atmosphere. This allows participants to have success in a short time building their confidence and desire to keep playing.


Jed Eichhorn and his coaching staff will lead the sessions. Jed has over 20 years of coaching youth sports and eight years as a Recreation Director.   Eichhorn graduated from Central College with a Bachelor’s degree in General Studies focusing on Child Development and Sports Administration.

One of the goals of Little Sports to save your valuable family time for you!  Many families want their child to have an opportunity to learn about sports, but the options are typically at night. Families have to hurry off of work and often lose that chance to have a family dinner time around the table.

Coming to you at CVMS this year:

Sports Torts Soccer - Sept/Oct
Sports Torts Football - Nov/Dec
Sports Torts Basketball - Jan/Feb
Sports Torts Tennis - Feb/Mar
Sports Torts T-Ball - Apr/May
Sports Sampler - Summer

Registration Listing

Cedar Valley Montessori School 18/19

Thank you for taking a moment to consider your child participating in Little Sports Torts at Cedar Valley Montessori School! Little Sports is an introductory sports program designed to get kids excited about sports while teaching them proper fundamentals.  

Little Sports uses age appropriate drills, equipment and instruction to create an engaging and fun atmosphere. 

In each 30 minute session of Little Sports, children will learn fundamentals through easy to understand instruction and fun games.

Age appropriate equipment is used to enhance the level of success and to teach proper fundamentals.

Little Sports is held at CVMS on Fridays. We offer the following options for time slots:

2:30 pm - 5-6 year olds
3:00 pm - ages vary
3:30 pm - ages vary
4:00 pm - 3 year olds

To help accommodate changing schedules, we are flexible with the time if you need to shift your time slot on a certain week.

Sports Sampler, 1:30 5-6 year olds

Registration closes on 07/12/2019 at 02:15 PM
Season Dates: 06/07/2019 to 08/16/2019