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Eichhorn Recreation focuses on teaching children the fundamentals of sports in a fun environment.  We use age appropriate equipment to ensure that participants succeed while maintaining proper form.

Bio - Jed Eichhorn
I have been a Parks and Recreation Director for 8 years. First in Belle Plaine, IA and then in Sauk City, WI. Although I loved my job, my wife and I decided that it would be best to raise our newborn daughter near family in Iowa.

We moved from Madison to Cedar Rapids in October of 2012. While waiting to get back into the Park and Recreation field as a director, I was fortunate to stay home with my daughter for 6 months until she turned one and wouldn't change that for anything. As the weeks went on and no signs of Recreation Director position opening up, we decided that I would stay in the field by starting my own privately owned recreation business.  

Initially I offered Speed Training for Junior High and High School students for both Belle Plaine and Regis & LaSalle Middle School. I then focused on running preschool programs for daycares in the area.

Knowing how well my preschool programs went over in Sauk Prairie and seeing how inundated that parents were with running their kids from program to program, I created a win-win for all, in my Little Sports program.  

Parents: Win by being able to introduce their kids to sports and not have to worry about interrupting family time in the evenings or weekends, to do so.

Students: Win by being introduced to sports in an age appropriate manner, with instructors that know how to be kids and teach the fundamentals.

Preschools:  Win by offering a unique program that not every childcare can offer.

Little Sports: Win by saving that valuable family time on nights and weekends, too. We also get to stay in the field of work that we love!

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