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Nov, 2020

2020-2021 CYO Season Canceled

Updated 11/13/20

The Archdiocese of Boston has canceled the 2020-21 CYO Season.  It is unfortunate the Covid impact has had on so many youth activities but this decision was made with the safety of all players and families in mind.

We look forward to ramping up for the 2021-22 Season and information will be posted Sept 2021.


Updated: 2/6/20

Pre-Season Coach Responsibilities:

1)  CORI Form

Every Head & Asst Coach needs to complete a CORI form EVERY year and have it witnessed with a staff member of our parish. (ideally Stephen May our Pastoral Assistant)  This should be completed by 10/31. (or if a coach is determined after 10/31 the coach needs to have their CORI signed within 7 days after being named a coach.)

2019 CORI Form:

2)  Code of Conduct Form

Every new Head and new Asst Coach (i.e. anyone first year coaching CYO) needs to fill out a "Code of Conduct Form" and have it witnessed by a parish staff member. (Ideally Stephen May) Only the last page is required to be printed and signed.

Code of Conduct Form:

3) Attendance to the "Protecting God's Children" Seminar

All new Head and Asst coaches must attend this seminar. It is conducted twice each Fall specifically for our coaches and there are sessions conducted within our parish and by other parishes.  This PGC Seminar is conducted across the country and required of every parish volunteer for all Catholic parishes.

4) PLAC - "Play Like a Champion" Seminar

This seminar new to the 19-20 season is required of all Head Coaches by 12/1/19 and all Asst coaches by 5/31/19.  Session dates are provided to the CYO Parish Director who will relay these to the coaches. Coaches are responsible for signing up on-line for each session.

In-Season Coach Responsibilities/FYIs


No jewelry of any kind permitted. (boys or girls)  No earrings, bracelets, chains, watches, step counter bracelets, etc. Headbands need to be of the "soft" type to be worn. . Of course all for safety as players are in contact w/one another etc. and these items can easily get caught on someone's shirt, scrape someone/etc/etc.
Some refs of course don't enforce these rules but most do. A typical line used by a ref to someone wearing an earring or other jewelry is: "I can't tell you you have to remove that piece of jewelry but I can't let you play if you don't.". 
It is suggested you broach the jewelry issue this with the girls & boys in a practice ahead of time explaining why this rule is such.
Undershirts.  Boys or Girls - Some like to wear an undershirt.  If so, it needs to be the same color as their jersey. Hence, if they wish to do so you should recommend they have a dark or white shirt in their bag.  The reason is obviously so there is no confusion on the floor by a player who is white and who is dark.
Directions to every gym is in the bottom left of the CYO Schedule page:

- Home team wears white.
- Home team provides the game ball.
- You warm-up pre-game on the basket on the opposite end of your bench where you also shoot at in the first half. (Or in other words, you always shoot in the second half at the basket in front of your bench as team change ends at the half.)

- You NEVER pay the ref even if he/she asks for payment. We pay our refs for St. Mary's through the parish.  (Some parishes pay cash at the gym.) If the ref persists give he/she the email and/or cell of our St. Mary's CYO Director to follow-up.
 - For home games you as a home game head coach are responsible for having a person do the clock and do the scoreboook. (It is suggested lining someone up before game day so you are not scrambling last minute and are most focused getting your team ready to play. If someone doesn't know how to do a scorebook have them watch a youtube video and they will be a pro.  However, you need someone who knows the game to do the clock. (Doing the book can be taught quicker....beyond the youtube video just need to know how the bonus works (7/10 by half) which may be in the video or can be explained by someone in short time.)
- League/Game rules: (Game Rules are on the last 14th page)
High school rules except for;
a. No shot clock
b. If up by 20 you need to refrain from pressing and refrain from any double teaming/trapping in the half court. (Refs don't know about the half court trap so you may need to remind them if a team continues to trap you in the half-court.)
c. The # of timeouts.  (You receive 4 a game in CYO.)
- After the game email  [email protected]com the score of your game so it can't be logged with the league. (If you are in a Franklin vs Franklin game don't assume the other coach will send it and both coaches should send your scores) These scores need to be sent by 9PM Sunday night.

It is expected all coaches and players always keep in mind they are representing our parish and our town.  In the event any technical fouls are received by a player or coach the coach needs to report this to the league Director by 9PM Sunday night. 

- Coaches are responsible for all practice & game communication with parents of players. 


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