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Coaching Guidelines

In an effort to provide a safe environment for both youth basketball players and volunteer adult coaches,while still providing anurturing,supportiveand instructional sports program, the board of St. Mary Parish CYO program has adopted the following coaching guidelines. In adopting these guidelines, it is the intent of the board that all guidelines will be adhered to as strictly as possible and all infractions shall be dealt with on an individual basis.

1.        All volunteer coaches shall attend a 2 1/2 hour meeting to gain a better perspective of the issue of child sexual abuse and to have a full understanding of their responsibility as coaches as it relates to the program guidelines and Massachusetts General Law.
2.        All coaches shall fill out the CORI form provided by the St. Mary rectory staff as well as the coaches’ questionnaire form provided by the St. Mary CYO basketball board.
3.        There shall at all times be two adults present whenever a coach is interacting with players. Ideally this should be the Head Coach and Assistant Coach. When the second coach is not available, the first coach shall ask another responsible adult (parent, coach of another team, etc.) to remain present.
4.        At the beginning of the season, coaches will meet with all parents to explain the coaches’ guidelines for the season. Parents will provide their cell phone numbers in the event a parent is not on time picking up their child.
5.        Parents (or assigned driver) must enter the building to retrieve their child. Coaches shall remain in the gym while players are waiting to be picked up. No coach shall ever wait in their personal vehicle with a player they are not related to unless a third party is present
6.        No coach shall provide transportation to a player they are not related to without first obtaining consent from the player’s parent or a responsible adult party. Once permission is granted, a third party (coach’s child, spouse, etc.) must also be in the vehicle at all times.
7.        At no time shall a player observe a coach consuming alcohol, drugs or tobacco while acting in the role of a coach.
8.        All coaches shall dress appropriately and conservatively within reason, so long as it does not inhibit their ability to coach.
9.        All physical touch between coaches and players shall be kept within reason and reserved for game time purposes. “High fives”, “fist pumps” and slight “pats on the back” are preferred over congratulatory hugs and embraces. There shall be no physical contact below the waist between coaches and players.
10.      Coaches shall refrain from all use of profanity and any type of sexual innuendo is prohibited.
11.      All coaches shall make every effort to never be in a bathroom or locker room with a child who they are not related to.  
12.      All information that needs to be relayed by a coach to a player during non–game or practice times shall be sent either to the parent home phone or email. No coach shall make contact with a player through the player’s personal cell phone or email, unless such email is in the form of a group email to the assistant coach and entire team including parents of the players.
13.      No coach shall “friend” any of his/her players on Facebook or use any other social media to directly communicate with players.
14.      No coach shall purchase any type of equipment or apparel for the use of one individual player. If a coach chooses to purchase equipment, it must be made available for use to the entire team. In the event that a player cannot afford particular apparel necessary for
       them to play the game, the coach shall seek direction from the CYO board of directors to obtain assistance in providing for the youth.
15.      Team rules regarding practice, attendance, expected behavior, etc. shall be adhered to by all and no one particular player shall be singled out for special privileges or unfair discipline.
16.      Team sleepover parties are strongly discouraged during the season.
17.      Coaches shall not provide after game treats or incentives unless all players are included and all parents are aware of this practice.
18.      All coaches have the right and responsibility to question any non-family or unknown adult's presence at a practice or a game. No coach shall allow any player to talk to an unknown adult without a parent’s permission.
19.      Coaches will make every effort to monitor interactions and discussions among players to ensure players are mutually respectful towards one another.  Coaches will also ensure  that parents and fans also cheer and support their team positively and respectfully.  Jeers and derogatory comments towards players, coaches, or officials will not be tolerated.
20.      Parents shall not be prohibited from watching their child practice or play, as long as the parent’s behavior is not considered disruptive or inappropriate.

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