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What are your boundaries?

Here is the newest link to our boundaries:

While you will see multiple borders within the map the outline of the area is where we operate. If your player attends Gresham/Barlow, Reynolds, Corbett, or parts of Centennial School Districts, you are within our boundary! If you live in that area and want to play ball then let's get you signed up! Go to the registration page and see what programs we have available for you!

What does registration cost pay for?

Your registration fee pays for all the operating costs associated with an organized ball league. This includes uniforms, field maintenance, charter fees which include insurance premiums, equipment, and concession stand products among other things.  We are a non-profit organization run solely by volunteers and it takes everyone working together to make this a successful program.

What is your role?

Parents play a huge role in the success of their child and the experience they will have as life lessons are taught and learned on and off the ball field. We expect all parents and guardians to be respectful, reliable, cooperative adults who support their player and team regardless of other adult behaviors. All guardians are required to sign a Parent Code of conduct waiver that we expect to be abided by and consequences for negative behavior can result in removal from the ball park. We take this very seriously and expect you to as well.

What things will my ball player need prior to play?

As a league we provide shirts (Minors and above are loaner shirts returned at the end of the season) and a hat to each player. Each team has the use of a team bat, balls, some helmets and catchers gear. Your player will need their own pants, socks, cleats, glove and water bottle. A helmet and bat of their own are optional. After your player is contacted by their coach, you will be notified what color pants and socks they prefer to make sure the team looks cohesive, as a team.  

What is the "opt out" fee?

Every year as part of our way to keep registration costs down we all participate in a fundraiser program. Each year we do something a little different but you are required to sell the fundraiser unless you choose to pay the flat $35.00 fee to not participate. In the past, we have sold beef sticks, candy bars etc. The product is signed over to you and you are held responsible for the total cost of the product to be returned on a specific date. 

When are practices and games?

Each level of play is a little different and the specific days of the week are not assigned to the coaches until after the teams are formed. Teams usually practice 1-2 days a week and play 1-2 games a week. Everyone will play most Saturdays during the season.

How long are practices and games?

Practice can range from 1-2.5 hours depending on the coach and level of play. T-ball games last only 1 hour, Farm is 1-2 hours and upper divisions are 2 hours or more depending on the time of day they play.

What is a Manager?

The Manager at the Farm level is the main contact for parents and organizes with their coaches the practices and games. In the upper levels of play the Manager of the team is the person who evaluates players at the try outs and attends the player draft picking his or her team. They are the main contact for parents and the league. They appoint who they want as their coach and assistant coach and are allowed to bring their coach to the player draft. Any parent or adult is eligible to apply for a manager position.

What is a Coach?

Coaches are parents of a player who want to make a difference in children’s lives by teaching the game of Baseball or Softball in a structured, positive way. Without supportive, positive, respectful coaches we won’t accomplish our goal of instilling life lessons, drive and determination while working with peers as a team. Coaches and assistant coaches are required to work together with the manager in a respectful, positive way.

What is a Team Parent?

Team Parents are the liaison between the Manager and the parents. You are responsible for keeping track of the fundraiser program for your team, ensuring all medical releases and info are signed and kept safe, organizing your teams sign up for the concession stand shifts and keeping a positive environment in the stands. Any person over the age of 18 who completes a volunteer application and passes a required background check is eligible to serve as the Team Parent.

Who can be a Manager, Coach or Assistant coach?

Any person over the age of 18 that completes the volunteer application and passes a required background check is eligible to hold one of these positions. All applicants have to be approved by the Board of Directors.

Why do I have to complete a volunteer application?

Any adult that wants to participate in activities involving East County Little League players must complete a background check to ensure that they are legally able to be around children.  This is a practice that is necessary to ensure the safety of our players. Little League International requires all persons in contact with youth be certified and identified by a background check. At East County Little League, we identify these people by requiring them to wear an approved badge which we provide.

How do I become a Sponsor?

We are always looking to add new sponsors to our program and are excited to partner with people who care about today’s youth. Please see the Sponsorship Flyer and contact our Sponsorship Director at [email protected].


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