Family Involvement


There is no way Wooster Youth Baseball would be successful without the commitment and involvement of its parents and families.  Here are some ways you can contribute:


Field Day – Each year, the baseball diamonds at Miller Fields require a spring refresh.  Families are asked to assist with basic clean-up and landscaping activities.  More information about field day will be provided to you by your team’s coach.


Fund Raiser – Players are asked to participate in a simple fund raising activity to support the ongoing costs to maintain the facilities at Miller Fields.  Your coach will have information at an early practice. 


Concessions (Minors & Majors Only) – Each team in the Minors & Majors leagues are asked to staff the Concessions stand at Miller Fields.  A team representative will contact you about dates and times for volunteering.


Skills/Practices (esp. Coach Pitch & T-Ball) – Younger players often need extra attention to help them learn the basic skills of baseball.  Remember that most of the coaches in our league are moms & dads just like you.  If you have experience with baseball, don’t hesitate to offer your assistance at practices and games. 


Positive Support of Coaches / Players – We have all heard the negative stories of parents fighting in the stands and altercations with a coach or umpire.  Wooster Youth Baseball takes pride in providing a positive atmosphere for its players.  We count on you and your family members to support all the young people who play this great game. 


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