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2020 Wooster Youth Baseball

Welcome to Wooster Youth Baseball Inc., the only official Little League of America affiliated baseball program in Wayne County. We provide baseball for players ages 5-12 in 4 divisions: Major League ages 12U, Minor League 10U, Coach Pitch 8U, and Tee Ball 6U. (Click to view a Little League Age Chart for 2020.) We offer this all in one central location. Since 1958 Miller Fields is the place for Wooster youth to play ball. Whether your child plays simply for the fun of the game or is the next Mickey Mantel, it all starts here!

Players new to Wooster Youth Baseball can upload a copy of the birth certificate or show it to a league official at a later date. This will be deleted upon verification. Proof of residency documents can be uploaded, or can be shared with league officials at a later date. Volunteers will need to have their driver's license and social security number. Social Security number is required for mandatory background checks.

If your child lives within this boundary area (click to view map) he or she is eligible to participate in Wooster Youth Baseball's program.

North Border
Pleasant Home Rd

West Border
Elyria Rd

East Border
* Apple Creek Rd (to US Rte 30)
* County Rd 363 (to Moreland Rd)

South Border
Moreland Rd 

Coach Pitch - Little League Baseball

Registration closes on 03/20/2020 at 11:59 PM
Season Dates: 04/25/2020 to 06/30/2020
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Major - Little League Baseball

Registration closes on 03/20/2020 at 11:59 PM
Season Dates: 04/18/2020 to 06/30/2020
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Minor - Player Pitch - Little League Baseball

Registration closes on 03/20/2020 at 11:59 PM
Season Dates: 04/18/2020 to 06/30/2020
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Tee Ball - Little League Baseball

Registration closes on 04/11/2020 at 11:59 PM
Season Dates: 05/02/2020 to 06/30/2020
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Sponsorship 2020

Just as March comes in like a lion and leaves as a lamb, spring brings back Little League baseball to Wooster. Last year close to 300 children participated in Wooster Youth Baseball at Miller Field.

Are you interested in sponsoring a local team this summer at Miller Field? With your help we are able to keep player costs to a minimum while providing a first rate program. Many of the children that participate receive "scholarship" assistance to help pay for their registrations. Without this assistance they might not be able to afford to play.

Sponsorship Opportunities
Banner Sponsor  1 Field -$300   2 Fields $450   3 Fields $550    4 Fields $650
Team Sponsor 
New Sponsors: $500 / Returning Sponsors: $450
Event Title Sponsor
(field day, opening day, tournaments, etc) $500
League/Season Title Sponsor

Sponsorship in the Local Little League carries with it the following additional benefits: 1.)  All Sponsor Levels: Company name prominently displayed on our “Thanks to Our Sponsors” Board at the Concession Stand
2.)  Banner Sponsor: Eight (8) Foot Logo Banner to be hung on the ball field fences
3.)  Team Sponsor: Name and/or Logo on the shirts of all players and coaches
4.)  Event Sponsor: Recognition in all publicity for the event (ie. Field Day), plus an 8’ banner hung all season
5.)  All but Banner Sponsors: Advertisement on our league’s website

Sponsorships 2020

Registration closes on 12/31/2020 at 12:00 PM
Season Dates: 01/01/2020 to 12/31/2020
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Hat Sizing Information

We don't have an official hat size chart available, but here are some general guidelines!

* Toddler (for tee ball and smaller coach pitch kids)

* Youth (for majority of our 10U/12U players, and bigger coach pitch)

* Small (essentially an Adult Small)

* Medium (for larger adults and really big kids)

* Large (for really big dads)

Shirt Sizing Information

Local Sponsors