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Nashville Skating Academy’s Learn to Skate Homeschool program is located at Centennial Sportsplex and is designed for Homeschool students’ age 6 years and up. The program follows guidelines set forth by Learn to Skate USA - a nationally recognized ice skating program.  Help your student meet their PE requirements while learning a new skill in a fun, relaxed environment.  Come skate with us today!


What is included in the Nashville Skating Academy Homeschool Learn 2 Skate program?

Each six week program meets on Wednesday's from 10 am to 11 am.  Each one hour class includes 30 minutes of instruction by NSA Learn 2 Skate coach(es), the remaining 30 minutes is supervised freeskate practice time.  Students will be divided by skill level the first Wednesday of the program.


Class meets every Wednesday 10 am - 11 am

Cost: $95 per 6 week session.

Included in cost of the program:

30 minute Learn 2 Skate coach instruction

30 minutes of freestyle supervised practice time

FREE rental skates


1 FREE public session pass per enrolled participant




Homeschool Learn 2 Skate Dates

$10 Late Charge Starting Date

Session 1

February 5 – March 11

Wednesday, February 5

Session 2

March 18 – April 22

Wednesday, March 18

Session 3

April 29 – May 27

Wednesday, April 29

Make-Up Policy: We value the relationship that our students develop with our teachers through regular, consistent instruction. We assign teachers at the start of each term based on the initial enrollment to ensure the best possible student teacher ratio. For these reasons, students are encouraged to make every effort to attend the class and day for which they are registered. Students make the most progress by regular attendance and practice. Students may make-up one class per term missed due to illness or personal conflict. 

Refund Policy: Please be aware there is a no refund policy
Home School skating program family discount: 
$5 off the second family member, $10 off the third family member, $15 off the fourth family member.
Home School multi-session discount: Register for two or more sessions will receive 10% discount
Skates: Please talk to one of our office staffs if you are interested in new skates. 

**Bike Helmets are recommended for beginner skaters.
**Gloves and warm, removable layers are key to enjoying your time on the ice.
**When tying skates, it is important to remember that they must be tied tight at the base of the boot first. This will keep the ankles from buckling in or out. The most common mistake is to not have them tight at the base and then too tight up at the top. Most people find it comfortable to always have the base tighter than the top of the boot. This will promote easy knee bend, as well as good support for the rest of the foot.