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Nashville Skating Academy Nashville Skating Academy helps skaters achieve their personal goals, from recreational skating to national and international competitions. We are dedicated to promoting and developing the sport of ice skating in Nashville and surrounding counties by providing learn-to-skate and figure skating training.

Learn To Skate

Learn to Skate USA Basic Skills program was created to be the best beginning ice-skating program in the world. It is designed to serve the needs of both recreational and competitive skaters. The curriculum keeps skaters enthusiastic about learning from the time they begin lessons until the time they reach their goals. Whether they want Olympic fame, pursuing a Hockey career, or to simply enjoy the recreational benefits of skating, the Basic Skills Program is the place to start!


The objectives of the program are:

* To provide a fun and safe skating experience for the beginner as well as the more advanced skater

* To teach correct technique of the simple basic elements

* To promote health and physical fitness

* To enable all participants to achieve the skills necessary to either skate for fun the rest of their lives or to move competently into the U.S. Figure Skating advanced test and/or competitive structure

**Helmets are strongly recommended for skaters ages 3-6.

**Gloves and warm, removable layers are key to enjoying your time on the ice.
**When tying skates, it is important to remember that they must be tied tight at the base of the boot first. This will keep the ankles from buckling in or out. The most common mistake is to not have them tight at the base, and then too tight up at the top. Most people find it comfortable to always have the base tighter than the top of the boot. This will promote easy knee bend, as well as good support for the rest of the foot.



All skaters must register prior to the first class in order for Nashville Skating Academy to staff coaches properly; no exceptions. 

Register before the first day of a session to avoid missing classes.
 Late registrations allowed base on availability. Please call 615-928-7977 for details.
"Learn to Skate" Class Schedule
This schedule runs year-round and is divided into 7-Week Series
Classes are offered on
Tuesdays & Thursdays from 5:45pm – 6:45pm
Saturdays from 9:45am – 10:45am

 2019 Summer 2 Session

July 23 - September 7

Additional $10 will be applied after July 20

2019 Fall 1 Session

Sept 10 - Oct 26

(9/14 & 9/21 class is 2-3 pm)
Additional $10 will be applied after Sept 7


2019 Fall  2 Session

October 29 - December 21
Additional $10 will be applied after Oct 26

No class during Thanksgiving week


Basic Class Package: $155 per 7-Week Series
This package allows a skater to attend one class per week for the session, please chose from Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday. If you miss a class, you may make-up that class during the current session only. Make up for beginner classes will starts after the third week. Package includes two Public Skating sessions and skate rental.

Complete Package: $275 per 7-Week Series.
This package allows a skater to attend any or all classes offered in the session. This package also includes two Public Skating sessions and skate rental.


Class Descriptions

SNOWPLOW SAM 1 - 3 (Ages 3 - 5) 

Snowplow Sam 1: Learn basic balance and skating skills in a fun introductory class

Snowplow Sam 2-3: Skaters who have passed Snowplow Sam 1 or who have previously taken skating lessons. Develop preliminary coordination and strength to maneuver on ice
*Skaters progress to Basic 1. Helmets are strongly recommended. 

BASIC 1 - 6 (Ages 6+) 

Basic 1: Open to beginning skaters ages 6 and up. Skaters learn to skate forwards and backwards and stop.

Basic 2: Open to those skaters who have passed all Snowplow Sam levels, Basic 1 or ISI Pre-Alpha or those skaters who have skated several times and move comfortably on the ice. More emphasis is given to backward skating, balancing on one foot, and edge control.

Completion of Basic 1 and 2 is a prerequisite to Nashville Youth Hockey League.

Basic 3-4 (Low Bridge): Open to those skaters who have passed USFSA Basic 2. Lessons include stroking, crossovers, turning from forward to backward, gliding backwards, and beginning spins.

Basic 5-6 (High Bridge): Open to those skaters who have passed USFSA Basic 4. Lessons include three-turns, backward crossovers, entry level jumps and spins, spirals, lunges, etc.

Pre-Free Skate – Free Skate 2: Open to those skaters who have passed USFSA Basic 6. Lessons include mohawks, step sequences, waltz jumps, scratch spins, toe loops, salchows, backward three turns, back spins, consecutive edges, etc.

TEEN/ADULT (Ages 16+) 

    This class accommodates the beginner to inter mediate level recreational skater. A great start for the older skater who doesn’t want to be in class with little ones.

*TEEN/ADULT class is usually offer on Saturday during Learn to Skate session. Minimum of three students required per class. If the minimum number of student not met, the student will be place with one of the Basic skills classes.  


Guidelines for new skaters:


· Week 1, SNOWPLOW 1 and BASIC 1 students meet off-ice for a few basics before entering the rink with their coaches.

· Most “new to the ice” skaters will move independently by the end of the 3rd lesson. It may take a few lessons before your skater can make good use of the practice time. This is such a new experience-they need to gain confidence, and they will, with your encouragement. As their skills improve, so will their practice.

· Beginners (Snowplow 1/Basic 1) must wait until Week 4 to do a make-up class. By this time most skaters are balanced and the class numbers are not as crucial.



Class format: The hour includes 40 minutes of small group instruction and 20 minutes of games and practice. 
Refund Policy: Please be aware there is a no refund policy
Learn to Skate family discount: 
$5 off the second family member, $10 off the third family member.
Skates: Please talk to one of our office staffs if you are interested in new skates. 
*Please ask us for the two free Public skating tickets at the beginning of Learn to Skate session while you check in. The free Public skating tickets are good during the session you are registered for extra practice.


    Skaters must have passed Basic 1 and 2 before transferring to this class that focuses on skating skills specific to hockey. Hockey skates, long pants and helmet with face guard are required.
*This class is usually offer on Saturday during Learn to Skate session. Other available date will depend on the enrollment. Minimum of three students required per class. If the minimum number of student not met, the student will be place with Low Bridge Learn to Skate class.  

Nashville Youth Hockey League Website Link
After skaters passed Basic Learn to Skate and want to learn how to play hockey or join the House Leagues. 

Visit Nashville Youth Hockey League website @

Rising Stars Bridge Program

If your skater is Free Skate 2 and above, she or he is qualify to do Rising Stars Bridge Program. Students will be divided to different groups.

Skill set focus on attention to the details: deep, clean edges that are well-defined, flow and grace of movement, and ease of turns. Variation of spins and jumps.

2019 Summer 2 Saturday Session
July 27 - Sept 7
Saturday 9-9:45 am*
7 classes @ $155

2019 Fall 1 Tuesday Session
Sept 10 - Oct 22
Tuesday 5 - 5:45 pm*
7 classes @ $155

2019  Fall 1 Saturday Session
Sept 14 - Oct 26
Saturday 9-9:45 am*
9/14 class time 3:15 - 4 pm
9/21 class time 1:15 - 2 pm

7 classes @ $155

* If you miss a class, you may make-up that class during the current session only. 

2016 Spring Session

 April  12 - May 28
  Additional $10 will be applied after April 9

2016 Spring Session

 April  12 - May 28
  Additional $10 will be applied after April 9