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2023-2024 Regular School-Year Sports Registration IS NOW CLOSED.

Welcome!  In order to participate in AHSA athletics, you must be registered with the State of New Mexico as a homeschool student.  For additional AHSA eligibility requirements, click here.

If you'd like to recieve email notifications about registration openings and deadlines for the upcoming school year, please set up a free PARENT (USER) account by clicking on the "Register" button at the top right corner of this page (you can unsubscribe at any time).  Otherwise, you may want to check the website periodically throughout the summer.

1.)  Set up a User (PARENT) account with your own username and password.
2.)  Add your spouse as an Additional Account Holder.
If you would like your spouse's name, email address, and cell phone number to appear on your coaches' rosters as an additional parent contact, please be sure to add your spouse as an Additional Account Holder.  Additional Account Holders will have full access to your child's AHSA account, and will receive the AHSA group emails unless they choose to opt out by unsubscribing.  During registration, there will be a separate section for you to enter an emergency contact's information.  

3.)  Enter information for each Participant (Student) that will be participating in AHSA. 
For grade level, enter the grade level of the athlete for the school year in which he will be participating in AHSA athletics.   

If you forget your USERNAME, contact the Registrar for help at [email protected].  Please do not create a new account.


Each sport has a different registration ending deadline.  Stay informed about registration deadlines by checking the website homepage.  We are not able to accept late registrations, unless we have fewer registrants than needed by the deadline to form a team.

When registering, there is a $10-13 non-refundable fee for each sport.  However, if we are not able to place you on a team, we will issue you a full refund.  Registration prices vary from sport to sport.  Funds are used to cover league fees, facility rentals, uniforms, referee fees, purchase of sports equipment, participant insurance, end-of-season gifts, etc.  During registration you may have the option to pay in full on the day you register, or to pay the $10-13 non-refundable fee immediately, and have your credit card automatically charged for the remaining balance on the day of the sport registration deadline.  If you would like to set up an individualized payment plan other than these options, or request a scholarship based on financial need, or please contact the registrar at [email protected].

Registration does not guarantee placement on a team.  After the sport registration has closed, we make every effort to place all of the registrants on a team.  Determining factors include amount of gym/field/facility space we have available and number of volunteer coaches willing to coach that season.  In the event that there are more registrants than open roster spots, we will use the following Selection Criteria to determine the ranking order in which athletes will be selected.  If there is a tie for one criterion, athletes will be assessed by the next criterion.  This process is only applicable to athletes who have met the registration deadline.

1.  Student played that same sport on an AHSA team the previous school year, including MS and HS ("Yes" results in higher priority).
2.  Number of years student has played the sport with AHSA (greater number of  years results in higher priority given).
3.  Grade level (higher grade results in higher priority given).
4.  Date/Time registered (earlier results in higher priority given).
        5.  Random number selection if there is still a tie from the above criteria.  (This would be conducted by an agreed upon method in the presence of two Board Members.)

For middle school teams on which the league allows fifth graders to play, 6th-8th graders are given first priority.  If there are any team spots left, 5th graders may be allowed to participate.

Tryouts are not used to determine whether an athlete will be placed on a team.  Instead, tryouts are used to determine on which team an athlete will be placed.  Tryouts are held when there are enough registrants and resources to form multiple teams in the same age bracket (MS/HS) for the same sport.  Athletes are eligible to participate in tryouts when they have completed registration by the deadline and it has been determined that there is space on the team through the Selection Criteria listed above.

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