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AHSA: Albuquerque HomeSchool Athletic Association

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Eligibility Requirements

Individual / Academic Qualifications
  • A player must be registered as a homeschooler with the state of New Mexico.
  • A player must be living at home with a parent or guardian.
  • A player must compete as the biological sex listed on their original birth certificate.
  • A player is ineligible if that player has gone through a homeschool, public school, or private school high school graduation ceremony prior to that season's first game.
  • A player must be passing all courses during the active season in order to participate in a contest or tournament. In performing the role of administrator for the homeschool, the parent is solely responsible for enforcing this rule.
Age Qualifications
  • High School:  A player may not participate if they are 19 years of age or older prior to September 1st in the school year in which they are participating.
  • Middle School:  A player must be at least 10 years of age by August 31, but must not have turned 14 years of age prior to September 1st in the school year in which they are participating. The player must be doing 5th-8th grade work (for APIAL and USTA League sports) or 6th-8th grade work for ACSL league sports.

Note:  Fifth graders wishing to participate in AHSA middle school sports may register, but placement on a team may depend on whether there are roster spots available at the close of registration. 

Transfers and Expulsions
If a player started the season on another homeschool, public, or private school team, or if a player was expelled from a public or private school during the academic school year or in the year prior, no transfer shall be allowed to an AHSA team during the season without the approval of the AHSA Board.

A player cannot play on another homeschool, public, or private school team in the same sport at the same time as playing on an AHSA sponsored team.

Approved by AHSA Board of Directors September 2, 2014
Updated age qualifications for APIAL League sports May 21, 2019
Updated June 18, 2023

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