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Fremont Football & Cheer League

Tackle Overview

Are you ready to take your game to the next level?


Fremont Football & Cheer League is offering 11 on 11 tackle football for players aged 10-14.  This is the traditional game you know, with an emphasis on safety, skill improvement, and character development.  Whether you are an experienced player, or a first year athlete, we will teach what you need to have success.



We coach players in how to use the shoulders, and body leverage, to remove the head from contact, while still being sound and effective in their technique. Players are broken in to divisions, based on age and weight, to create a fair and safe playing environment.


Skill Improvement

Players (boys & girls-ages 10-14) are able to develop or expand their skills using training aligned to USA Football’s models for coaching, blocking, and tackling. Coaches emphasize the details needed to excel in every position on the field while preparing for a higher level of competition. Older division players receive a more intense and rewarding experience, that helps them play with confidence and composure as they prepare for high school.


Character Development

Through practice and game situations, players learn and practice the character traits of Hardwork, Perseverance, Team Work, and Sportsmanship. Coaches teach the value of R.O.O.T.S. (Respect for the Opponent, Officials, Team and Self).


Age Groups by Division

The FFL tackle league is divided into three divisions based on age group and weight for safety. The “League Age” of your child and what division they play in is based on what age your child is on July 31st.


 11U:  (9-10-11)

·         XMan:  110 lbs.

·         Older/lighter:  12YO 100 lbs.

12U:  (10-11-12)

·         XMan:  130 lbs.

·         Older/lighter:  13YO 115 lbs.

14U:  (12-13-14)

·         XMan:  165 lbs.