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Equipment Requirements + Recommendations for MIGLAXers!

Women's lacrosse rules are specifically designed to limit physical contact between players. As a result of the lack of contact, the only protective equipment required is:

  • Women's stick (different than a boys lacrosse stick)
  • Colored Mouth Guard (no white/clear)
  • Protective Eyewear (Goggles) US Lacrosse approved list
  • Cleats are recommended but not required 

Please review equipment information and recommendations from Coach Lyndsey Gillis below:


When buying a girls’ lacrosse stick, remember that you get what you pay for! There are lots of affordable options with decent string jobs coming straight from the manufacturer. However, some of the best pockets (or potential pockets) are those that are personally strung by folks that give a little extra love, care and attention to the development of leathers, nylons and string design. Below are some things to think about when purchasing sticks at each grade level. As always, if you have a daughter that is invested in the sport and will be a ‘lifer’ (play through high school or even beyond), I suggest investing in a ‘top of the line’ stick with a personalized string job, which can last through multiple seasons. Plus, if anything happens, instead of replacing the stick, you’d simply be investing in a re-stringing of the head.

Grades 9-12 (HS) and beyond

Once a player hits this point in their career and she plans to play through HS, we would recommend purchasing the following sticks. For those serious about the sport, it is a great option to purchase the heads unstrung and then send them away to get strung by a professional. Keep in mind that if you purchased on the higher end of the previous category, those sticks are completely serviceable for grades 7-8 and early into high school! 

STX  Crux Series

STX Exult Series

STX Aria Pro Lock Pocket (strong recommendation)

Gait Apex w/ flex mesh (Best overall recommendation)

Epoch (awesome stick strung with all leathers)

Stringking Complete 2 Pro (great mesh option)

UA Regime Lacrosse Stick

Dynasty Elite III

Professional Girls’ Head Stringing Options 

While many of the sticks above can be purchased online or locally at LACROSSE WOLF IN BELLEVUE, below are some options for custom stringing. 

Stylin’ Strings Custom heads/sticks

Stylin’ Strings – custom pocket order (for your head)

Lacrosse Unlimited


With any headgear or protective equipment, it is very important that you ensure a solid fit! It does not benefit any young player to have a pair of goggles bouncing around their face or falling off their head while playing. We recommend trying a couple of options before settling on the best fit. While all straps are adjustable (and stretchy) you want to ensure that the ‘cage’ over the eyes fits your player’s facial frame well. You know that you have a good fit if the frame of the cage makes solid contact all the way around the forehead/temples/upper cheek area. No gaps!

Youth options (geared towards 8U-14U players)

Depending on the size of your player’s face, you may want to try some of the options listed below HS. The HS options are much less cumbersome and can be more comfortable IF they fit!

Brine Dynasty Rise Youth

STX 4Sight Plus

STX Rookie

STX 2See


While it should be easy enough for anyone to track down a good mouth guard here are some helpful tips:

-Molded mouth guards are always better than un-molded mouth guards! Being able to communicate clearly with your mouth guard in your mouth is the best sign of a GOOD mouth guard.

-Ask your dentist before purchasing a mouth guard. Most dentists, pediatric or otherwise, have mouth guard services at their practice. This becomes especially useful if your player has any orthodontic work.

-Avoid mouth guards with straps that connect to goggles/helmets (unless you’re a goalie, but this is still optional). For many, it’s easy to detach said strap and they can be helpful with younger players. However, we have found that they get in the way most of the time.

SISU Youth NextGen Mouth Guard

SISU Adult NextGen Mouth Guard

Shock Doctor Flavor Fusion (adult & youth)


Soccer cleats work just fine for girls lax! This is certainly a personal preference category (fit/comfort), but the following are some lacrosse options if you choose to go that route.

NB Mid-Cut Burn v2

NB FreezeLX v4 Jr

UA Finisher Molded


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