To equip managers, asst coaches and parents with pre-defined guidelines for rescheduling games which need to be made up.


The goal is to get in as many games as safely possible given the constraints of the season and availability of field space. This is especially important in the Spring season for 9-10 Minor divisions and higher where Little League requires that teams and players adhere to a minimum 12-game schedule for players to qualify for Summer All Star teams.


There are 3 categories of rescheduled games:

  1. Reschedule for convenience - one team can’t field enough players and asks to have a game rescheduled. Note, this only applies to instances where a coach is unable to field enough players from their own team, NOT where simply the Manager is unable to make the game. A Managers or Asst Coaches inability to make the game or a travel team tournament is not sufficient reason to reschedule a game.
  2. Reschedule for rain/weather/Acts of God – The President determines a game can’t be played due to circumstances outside of anyone’s control
  3. Playoff/Timebound Reschedule – A game must occur before a date certain and must produce a winner for tournament/playoff/tie-break purposes.
Reschedule Rule (Inter-League Only):

Approach - When a game has to be rescheduled,  we will reschedule it as soon as administratively possible.  Rescheduled games factor sufficient notice to ensure umpires and teams can prepare, however ALL will reschedule with the next available slot in the schedule holding to division regular guidelines as much as possible to minimize impacts and changes, but in the end, will err on quicker reschedule time to ensure sufficient availability if more games become unplayable. Rescheduling games will avoid 4-games-in-5-days (or more frequent) for the Majors division, and 3-games-in-4-days (or more frequent) for the Minor division, unless needed to complete game schedule.   

Reschedule Rules (Intraleague Only): 

Division Directors and League VP's will help facilitate rescheduled games (secure umpire, help arrange field, etc.), however, it is the responsibility of the Team Managers to work out the day and time of any rescheduled games. All Category 1 rescheduled games must be submitted in writing to the League Scheduler, VP of the Division and the President and be approved prior to rescheduling. 

Category 1 – Reschedule for Convenience: Note, Machine Pitch and above must make every effort to secure substitute players from the Player Pool  (as described below), prior to Rescheduling for Convenience.  Majors may also attempt to secure substitute players from their division, including the opposing team, or a qualified 9/10 Minors team by notifying the Player Agent and Division Director as soon as managers know they may need one or more substitutes.  Rescheduling for Convenience should be done on a limited basis.  A guideline for Managers is that if they can field at least 7 of their own players, they must make reasonable efforts to secure at least two eligible substitutes before requesting a Reschedule for Convenience. If the Manager is using substitute players, the Manager must notify the opposing manager prior to the game.

The team that requests the reschedule must offer their next available practice time as an alternative game time.  If that time is unacceptable to the team that did not request the reschedule, then that team shall offer its next available practice time as an alternative to the game time.  The team that requested the reschedule must choose between either the original scheduled game time or the opposing team’s practice time.  The teams will play with as many players as available, supplemented as allowable under League and Division Rules (e.g. registered players from other teams in the same division may play, must play in the outfield, may bat etc.). If the coaches and Board can find a mutually convenient alternative time and location for the rescheduled game that is at neither teams’ practice, that is allowable.  However neither team shall be required to do so.

For 9-10 Minors and above, pitchers from the team requesting the reschedule will inherit their required rest days based on pitch count from their last pitched game for the rescheduled game as if the rescheduled game were being played on its originally scheduled day or their actual pitch count and rest days from their most recently pitched game, whichever is greater.  Pitchers from the team that did not request the reschedule will inherit their actual pitch counts and rest days from their most recently pitched game. The intent is to prevent teams from requesting reschedules simply to gain rest days for their pitchers.

Category 2 - Reschedule for rain/weather/Acts of God: The game shall be played at the next scheduled practice time of the 2 teams.  If either team cannot field 9 of its own players for that date/time, nor secure suitable substitute players, then the game may be rescheduled to the next scheduled practice time of the 2 teams.  This should give all parties enough time to make accommodations. If a mutually convenient time and field space can be found before the next scheduled practices, the game may occur and both teams will retain their scheduled practices.  However, neither team shall be required to play a game that is not at one of the 2 scheduled practice times.

Category 3 - Playoff/Timebound Reschedule:  All playoffs at the Machine Pitch and above divisions will begin shortly after Memorial Day, and finish no later than 11 days later.  Some divisions may conduct double-elimination playoffs during that window, whereby teams may play 2 – 5 games over that timeframe.  At the beginning of the Spring Season, managers should instruct their players and parents of such a schedule so they have plenty of notice.  Only players from the Player Pool that play in divisions below the impacted division, may participate in playoff games (e.g., a Minor player from the Player Pool can play in a Majors playoff game, but not another Majors player).

Unless a game is rescheduled due to a Category 2 reason, no reschedules shall occur unless both coaches and the President agree to a time and location, though no team shall be required to do so and the game will be played at its originally scheduled time and location.  Provided, however, in any division that has a double-elimination playoff format, NO reschedules are allowed except for a Category 2 reason. Otherwise, Category 2 reschedule rules shall apply unless the next scheduled practice of both teams is after the date of the next scheduled game in the tournament/playoff schedule.  If that is the case, then the rescheduled game must occur as soon as practical as determined by the President in order to maintain the tournament/playoff schedule.  The President will seek to determine, to the best of their ability given time and field availability constraints, a time and location that the greatest total number of players from both teams can be available.

Practice Bumping
 - Please note, ALL maximizes full field capacity with games and scheduled practices, however, based on division guidelines and timing, ALL may cancel practices or move existing games to allow all rescheduled games to proceed in a timely fashion.

Practice Rescheduling - Rained out games will be rescheduled first.  If a team's practice is either a) rained out or b) bumped due to a rescheduled game, the manager can look for an open practice slot and make the request of the Scheduling Officer.  Several factors, including field availability will determine if such request is granted.  Team practices in addition to the single weekly practice will not be scheduled by the Scheduler.  Additional practices may not occur on fields prior to games. 
Timing - If the board decides to reschedule a game, the information will be posted to ALL site in a timely manner (automatic update for schedule changes are available – see earlier post).  Multiple rain outs (e.g. a full weekend cancelled) require more time to find available slots pushing games out into the season.  ALL will hold to the policy to the extent possible and your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.

From time to time, scheduled  games must be rescheduled for a different time than initially scheduled.  The Board recognizes this and seeks to provide clarity to all interested parties in how the rescheduling process should occur.  The goal is for as many games as possible to take place without ignoring mitigating factors such as weather, field availability, participant safety and personal schedules.

Some games unfortunately may never get rescheduled due to timing, field availability and other factors outside our control.


If any MP or above division team does not have enough players for a regular season game, the manager may request one or more players from a “pool of players” comprised of players willing to participate in extra games during the regular season. MP and above managers must attempt to utilize the Player Pool prior to requesting a Category 1 reschedule. Under little league rules, managers and coaches do not have the authority to permit non-rostered players to play on their teams.  Players are prohibited from playing on other teams unless authorized by ALL.  All Pool Play is required to be requested through and approved by the Player Agents or an approved Board Member. 

The Majors player pool consists of players from existing Majors regular season teams and eligible 9-10 Minors division players as determined by the Player Agent. The 9-10 Minors Division player pool consists of players from existing 9-10 Minors regular season teams and eligible MP division players as determined by the Player Agent.  The MP Division player pool consists of players from exists from the MP Division, players from CP can be utilized if a list is determined by the Player Agents and approved by the BoD.  Although no formal Coach Pitch player pool exists, CP managers may request one or more players by contacting the Player Agent.  Player Pool is not utilized in Tee-Ball. 

Players must be assigned by the Player Agent or President, under the following Little League guidelines (regulation V(c)):

1 – The Player Agent will create and run the pool. The pool may include players from the same division as well as from the division immediately below it. The Player Agent will use the pool to assign players to teams that are short of players on a rotating basis.

2 – Managers and coaches will not have the right to pick and choose players.

3 – Under the option, when a player participates in a game on a team other than his/her own team, such player will not be permitted to pitch or catch in that game and will bat last in order

4 – Pool players that are called and show up at the game site must play at least nine (9) defensive outs and bat once.