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In general, MHSAA rules will be used. Listed below are additional regulations and/or clarifications.


1.      Players are expected to wear the game jersey (or same color) provided for each game. Players are prohibited from wearing jewelry such as rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, barrettes, etc. 

2.      Participants will play as equally as possible in all contests. 

3.      The game will consist of two 20-minute halves. Coaches will make "wholesale" substitutions every 5 minutes. 
Referees are to blow the whistle the closest to 5 minutes without interrupting a live play (stop during a dead ball, walk-up, defensive rebound, etc.). Open substitutions will be allowed in the last 5 minutes of the game.  In the event that a team has 11 or more players, the second half will be 25 minutes.

4.      Running time will be used for all periods except for the last one minute of the game, which will be stop time unless there is at least a 10-point margin. The only other time the clock stops is for time outs or injuries. 

5.      In the event of a tie after 4 quarters of play, "sudden death" overtime will be played. First point wins after a jump ball.

6.      Each team is entitled to 1 time out per half, the duration of which will be 1 minute.

7.      Full court pressing is prohibited.

8.      Teams must play "man-to-man" defense and are not allowed to trap unless there is a drive to the basket or a natural double team because of poor offensive spacing. Help rotations and leaving players to guard the ball and protect the basket are allowed and encouraged.

9.      Individual fouls will not be recorded, therefore, players cannot foul out. However, unnecessary roughness, flagrant fouls or unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Offenders will be warned and/or removed from the game immediately.

10.  Free throws (Note: Players shoot from 12-foot line):
(a) 2 free throws on all shooting fouls.
(b) During the last 1 minute of the game, the double bonus will be in effect.
(c) Poor sportsmanship, flagrant or intentional fouls will result in a technical foul. 2 free throws will be awarded and the shooting team will also be given the ball out of bounds at mid-court following the free throws.

11.  While 3-seconds will not be called, referees can blow the whistle if they feel a player is taking advantage of this rule. It is not a turnover, and the offensive team will retain possession. 

12.  Backcourt violations will be called (over and back).

13.  Opposing teams and coaches will shake hands after each game.

14.  Games will be played at a regulation 10” rim, and both boys and girls will be using the 28.5” diameter basketball.


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