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Coaches Information

1) Practices-You practice when and where you want. Most elementary and middle school principals are great at letting you use their gym. You have to go

to the building and fill out a building use contract. Teams typically practice once per week.  You should not be charged as we are considered a PHASD activity.

2) Schedule - Once we finalize all of our coaches and rosters, you will be sent a master schedule. Game times are 9, 10, 11, 12, 1,  2 or 3 at either PH, PHN or Cleveland.  All 1-2 graders are at PHN because we can lower the baskets. The dates are Nov. 2nd through Dec 14th with a break for Thanksgiving weekend.

3) Roster –You will receive the rosters as soon as possible.  Please do not share player information with other people unless it is due to a roster change. Also, please verify that grade and gender are correct for each player when you call their parents. Rosters are formed primarily based on school, but requests and number of coaches also dictate where players were placed.

4)Rules –Rules are listed at Please pay attention to grade level, because the rules change slightly for each age group.  In all grade levels, the main rule is that we require half court man.  No zones or intentional traps.  However, if a player is driving to the basket, double teams may occur to protect the rim.  The intent of playing man does not mean that players need to hug their man.  Help defense, playing gaps, switches, etc. are allowed.

5)Consent - You must fill out a form that authorizes a background check. You can find the form here.  Please email it to us ASAP.  

6) Equipment- we will provide basketballs at games, but I would encourage kids to bring a ball to practices.

7) Jerseys –Each team has been designated as a specific color, and you will get the shirts on the date of the first game (if not sooner).

8) Pictures - At this time, we do not have a formal picture day. It might be a good idea to allow parents to take their own pictures after a designated


9) Substitutions - All players should receive equal playing time – or really close to it. Our website has a sheet that gives you a rotation

schedule for any number of players. You do not have to use it, but it may be helpful.

10)Meeting - If you have questions, please e-mail me or call.  We may put together an impromptu coaches' meeting if we feel it is necessary, but that is to be determined.

11) Team Name - The schedule will have your team color, but you can  name your team whatever you choose.

12) Primary focus - We are trying to improve fundamentals, so please devote practice time to teaching ball handling, passing, shooting,

defense, footwork, etc. Our coaches tab also has a file that gives a list of the fundamentals we encourage you to emphasize at each level. However, some teams will be able to do more (and some less) depending on your skill level.

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