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2018 Volleyball
(6th-8th grade)

Season August  – October  (dates are subject to change)

Fee $100.00
Registration deadline 8/10/18


Volleyball Overview

The following leagues are offered at OLPH 5&6 grade girls and 7&8 grade girls. The team size will consist of a minimum of 6 maximum of 12 players. A maximum of 16 games will be played. 5&6 graders serving line shall be 5 feet inside the regulation end line, the net is exactly 7 feet high and the “Volley-lite” ball is used. Side out scoring is used game goes to 15 (must win by 2 and no let serve in this division). 7&8 graders shall play 2 out of 3 games to 25 points.  The third game is to 15 points (must win by 2, no cap, a let serve will be playable).


Equipment needed: Shoes.  Uniforms and balls will be provided. 

Field Status

Closed Closed

OLPH - Soccer Fields (03:53 PM | 05/22/18)

Closed Closed

OLPH - Baseball Field (03:53 PM | 05/22/18)

Closed Closed

OLPH Gym (03:53 PM | 05/22/18)