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Winfield PAL

Winfield RAC Summer Camp

8304 Carlson Lane

Baltimore, MD 21244

Phone : 410-887-4707/410-887-4701

Dates: June 28th, 2023- August 18th, 2023

General Information

Jerard Hatcher, RAC Coordinator

Clifford Collins, RAC Leader

Azonnie Scott, Delta Outreach Director

About Us

The Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks’ PAL Centers are after school and summer drop-in programs that are designed to meet the needs of registered PAL members between the ages of 8-17.  A variety of fun as well as enriching programs are scheduled daily.  The programs help to develop strength of character, respect towards others and the community, affirmative behavior, and camaraderie with peers.


PAL creates a safe atmosphere where youth can be exposed to athletics, creative activities, and enrichment programs.  Programs are supervised by PAL Coordinators, PAL Leaders, and include police and community volunteer involvement, working together to provide positive role models for the members.

Mission Statement

Baltimore County PAL Centers provide a safe, positive and developing atmosphere for youth ages eight to seventeen.  Through various programs offered at each center; our focus is on helping youth develop various aspects of their lives including but not limited to; academics, social interaction, nutrition, life skills, the arts, and community service.


1.  The PAL program is a DROP-IN center with LIMITED SUPERVISION.

2.  Education hour is MANDATORY.

3.  Snacks are welcome.

4.  Students will NOT be allowed to use the microwave.

5.  Snack machines are available for students’ use after programming.

6.  The PAL center’s telephone is for EMERGENCY use only.

7.  Bubble gum and sunflower seeds are NOT allowed.

8.  The PAL center’s staff is not responsible for electronic devices (cell phones, iPods, MP3 players, handheld games).

Summer Activities

Program:  Arts and Crafts

Description: Although arts and crafts often fit together, they are different processes.  Art involves unstructured activities in which a child can explore with their imagination; whereas crafts involve structured activities with a specific goal in mind. 

Objective:  With exposing members to various types of arts and crafts, they will potentially develop their own individual craftsmanship. Members will have the opportunity to participate in both in an effort to stimulate creativity and imagination.                                                                                                                                           
Targeted Audience:  PAL members (ages 8-17)


Program: Chess Club

Description:  Chess is a game that is very beneficial to children/adolescents. It helps develop higher-order thinking skills, helps to analyze actions and consequences and visualize future possibilities. 

Objective:  Simply put, chess teaches children to have a plan and to plan ahead.

Targeted Audience: PAL members (ages 8-17).


Program:  Delta Student Enrichment Program

Description:  The Baltimore County Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. offers this program.

Objective:  to provide opportunities for and encourages the development of academic excellence, positive personal development, increased cultural awareness and expanded social interaction during non-school hours.

Targeted Audience:  Girls Only/Pal members (ages 11-14).

Program:  Free Fun Fridays

Description:  “Free play”, or unstructured playtime, is the most reliable form of self-education and discovery children can have.  It gives them a safe context to try out new life skills and ways of being.

Objective:  Through “free play” a child develops character virtues and special skills while enhancing physical development and self-discovery. Every Friday at Winfield PAL is an opportunity for all members to do so.

Targeted Audience: PAL members (ages 8-17).

Program:  Sports/Athletics Activities

Description:  The social, emotional, physical and educational benefits of children that participate in sports/athletic activities are endless.  Consequently, we offer these activities.

Objective:  Teamwork, increased self-esteem/self-confidence, goal-setting, discipline and strategic thinking are all areas of focus.  The following are an example of just a few of the sports/athletic activities offered this Summer at Winfield: Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Dodge ball, Kickball, Capture the Flag, Ultimate Ball, Hoop Ball, Floor Hockey, Flag Football, Lacrosse, Soccer, Tennis and Volleyball.

Targeted Audience:  PAL members (ages 8-17).

Program:  Teen Talk Tuesdays

Description:  Teen Talk Tuesdays are designed to assist our members (ages 13-17) with the many challenges that the teenage years present for teens and parents.

 Objective: Teen Talk will often times be in the format of a support group facilitated by Winfield Pal’s Coordinator who is equipped with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Master’s equivalent in Special Education, Master’s level coursework in Counseling Psychology, and many years of experience in counseling children/adolescents.  When available, our partnering community healthcare service agencies will assist in facilitating as well. These groups will provide a safe non- judgmental setting for teens to comfortably express themselves, within an environment that is structured and supportive.

Targeted Audience: PAL members (ages 13-17)


Program:  Theatre Thursdays

Description:  Thursdays will be set aside to expose and entertain members with the various aspects of theatre.

Objective:  An opportunity to participate in various forms of dance, drama and public speaking.  Thursdays will also include watching current age- appropriate movies with popcorn and snacks.

Targeted Audience:  PAL members (ages 8-17)

Program:  Work Out Wednesdays

Description: “Work Out Wednesday” will consist of warm-up drills, mobility drills, flexibility movements and sport specific drills.

 Objective:  There are various health benefits to exercising.  Exercise improves physical health, promotes brain development, improves concentration and boosts mood.  Studies have shown that students who exercise regularly have better grades, better school attendance, and better cognitive performance.

Targeted Audience:  PAL members (ages 8-17)


Program:  Flag Football

Description:  Flag Football is a non-contact game of football that allows the members to learn the skills associated with football without the risk of the injuries associated with the traditional game of football.

Objective:  Flag football teaches coordination, promotes teamwork and sharing, increase confidence and self-esteem and helps to reduce anxiety.

Targeted Audience:  Pal members (ages 8-17).

Registration Listing

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