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Baseball 2019 Special Rules

  1. Each association must retain on file a birth certificate for each player participating on teams sponsored by the association.


  2. PROTEST – Protest will be handled by the Pony Rule Book with the exception of having a $25.00 fee accompanying the protest. The fee will be returned if the protest is upheld.


  3. Responsibility of controlling the crowds shall be the duty of the respective coaches. If a problem arises, the umpire will notify the coaches to control the situation. In the event of complete lack of crowd control, the umpire may declare a forfeit for either or both of the teams.


  4. No regular scheduled game will be postponed or canceled except for unfavorable weather or authorization of the Baseball Commissioner. Notification of rain outs must have the home team giving two (2) alternate dates within five (5) days from the date of the canceled game to the visiting team’s coach, or the game will be forfeited to the visiting team.  The visiting team must convey acceptance or lack of acceptance of the alternative dates within two (2) days or the game is to be forfeited to the home team.  If neither of the two (2) alternate dates given by the home team are acceptable to the visiting team and an agreement cannot be reached by the coaches within the allot seven (7), then the re-scheduling of the game shall be passed to the Commissioners for resolution.  An exception to this will be where high school games interfere with re-scheduling of games.


  5. If a coach is ejected from a game, he is automatically suspended for his next game. In the event of a second ejection, the coach is automatically suspended for the remainder of the year.


  6. No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the park by ANYONE. Any spectator violating this rule shall be asked to leave the park. No tobacco of any kind is allowed in dugouts or on the playing field. Any coach or player violating this rule will be suspended for one game.


  7. BLOOD RULE – time will be called by the umpire if there is an open and bleeding wound. There are medical supplies in the concession stand.


  8. Metal Cleats are NOT allowed in Shetland, Pinto, or Mustang.


  9. Sliding is not mandatory; however, if in the umpire’s judgment, there is deliberate intent of forceful contact on the defensive player, the base runner is out and will be ejected from the game.


  10. If a player is ejected from a game the player will be suspended for one additional game.  The player that is ejected must serve out his suspension dressed in uniform and sit on the bench during the game.  In the event the player is not at the game his suspension is to be served, the suspension will take place at the next game at which he is present.


  11. If the player is ejected for a second game, the player will be suspended for (5) additional games in the manner stated in rule 10.


  12. If a player is ejected from a third game that player will be suspended for the remainder of the year.


  13. Any cases involving instigating or participating in a physical confrontation at a league sponsored event or function will result in immediate dismal from the league.


14.   All Shetland, Pinto, Mustang, Bronco, and Pony players must play at least two (2) full innings of each game. In a four (4) inning or (5) inning        Bronco/Pony slaughter game, the home team substitutes may only play 1 ½ innings. This rule applies to all teams regardless of the number of        players on the team.  Failure to adhere to the aforementioned rule will result in the following: The first offense carries a forfeiture of the              game, warning to the coach and the players involved must start the next game. Additional offenses will result in the forfeiture of the game,             suspension of the coach, and the players involved must start the next game. If a coach needs to discipline a player by not playing in a game, it         is to be discussed at the coach’s meeting with the umpire prior to the game, and with the player present. If a player is injured during a game             and you are not sure if he/she will be able to return to be able to play two (2) full innings, he/she must be declared as an injured player within        that inning.


15.  In situations where there is an unequal number of games played by teams in the league, the final regularly scheduled game(s) will not be                 included in final standings for the purpose of tournament seeding. A minimum of 10 games to create seeding.  If a team does not meet the 10        game minimum game, a loss(es) will be added to set seeds. With all teams at 10 games, we will use winning % as the seeding basis.


16.  Time Limits – the following time limits will apply to games:

                  - Shetland - 1 Hour
                  - Pinto - 1.5 hours (No new innings after 1.5 hrs) 

                  - Mustang - 2 hours (No new innings after 2 hrs)
                  - Bronco - 2.25 hours (No new innings after 2.25 hrs)
                  - Pony -  2.25 hours (No new innings after 2.25 hrs)


The umpire will record the start time and no inning can begin after the time limit has been reached, except in the case of a tie. Innings that are in process when the time limit is reached will be completed as necessary. In respect to a tie, 1 inning will be played at each level Pinto through Pony.  All divisions are unlimited runs.  If score remains a tie, International tiebreaker rules apply**. During Tournament play, games will be played until a winner is determined. The international tiebreaker will not be utilized.

The International Tiebreaker rule:

The last batter of the current inning will be placed on second base with 0 outs. The next individual in the lineup will be placed at bat and play will continue from that point.  This will continue so forth and so on until a winner is determined.  Both Away and Home teams will have an opportunity.

      Ten (10) minutes prior to the scheduled starting time for the game, the visiting team will be prepared to take five minutes of infield followed              by five minutes of infield for the home team (If time permits on weekends) *NOTE: this does not apply to league tournaments.

17.  All bat rules and penalties per the PONY rule book.

18.  Mustang – Rules in addition to, or instead of, Pony Rule Book are as:

      • Five (5) runs or three (3) outs for the first four innings with the last two innings all you can get with the 10 run rule (section 11-G) still in effect.

      • Steal Rule shall be Pony rule 9-M(1)

      • Runners will be able to steal home

      • Catchers "drop third strike" will apply    

Balk – On the first occurrence, a warning shall be issued to each pitcher (not per team). On the second occurrence, the infraction will be deemed a balk.

Runners may lead from all bases precede to next base at own risk.

19.  Pinto – (Coach Pitch) rules in addition to, or instead of, Pony Rule Book are as:


      • The defensive team in the field shall consist of ten (10) players. A pitcher, (this player must be positioned to the rear of the rubber and on the right or left side of the coach/pitcher), catcher, 1st baseman, 2nd baseman, 3rd baseman, shortstop, and four outfielders. Catchers will be in full catching equipment (shin guards, chest protector, mask, and helmet, are mandatory and it is strongly recommended that a cup-type athletic supporter be worn) and will be positioned in a catching defensive position a within of five feet behind the batter. Note: If a team only has 9 players for a game, no penalty shall be imposed on that team. The team will play the field with 9 players, bat the entire roster and will not receive an automatic "out" for not having a 10th player in the batting line-up.

      • No team shall score more than five (5) runs in one inning. If there are less than three outs when five runs are scored, the teams shall change sides. This rule does not apply to the sixth inning or extra innings.

      • Pinto Teams will bat the entire lineup

      • Pony Rule 11-G shall be modified to 15 runs in lieu of 10.

      • A player that is in the batting rotation lineup when the game starts, shall be ruled out if he/she misses their turn at bat. However, if a player is injured during the game and can no longer participate, his/her name in the lineup shall be removed from the scorebook and will not be counted as an out.

      • If you start with 9 players and one gets hurt, that player will be removed in the lineup and that position will not be considered an out.

      • If a batter fouls the last pitch, the batter is NOT out and will continue batting.

      • If there is an overthrow to first, the runner can advance to second at his own risk. If there is an overthrow at second as the second overthrow, the ball is dead and the runner will not advance. If there is a first overthrow to 2nd base, the runner can advance at his own risk, if third is overthrown as the second overthrow, the ball is dead and the runner will not advance. If there is first overthrow to third, the runner can advance at his own risk. In the above, a play is considered one continual play. If you have multiple overthrows during a play on multiple runners, the second overthrow can be made upon any runner.      


      • There will be a line drawn on the field halfway between first and second, second and third and third and home plate to assist the umpire in determining a halfway point between bases. If the base runner is beyond the halfway line, he will be awarded the next base. If not, he will return to the last base occupied. This rule applies when the ball is returned from the outfield to the infield.

      • Play will stop when an infielder has control of the ball in the infield unless the infielder attemps to make a play on a runner. THIS IS THE UMPIRES JUDGMENT CALL AND IS NOT SUBJECT TO PROTEST.

      • Coaches that are pitching during a game must not interfere with the ball or player(s) during a live ball situation. The coach should leave the field of play without interfering with a player. In the event that there is a runner on third and the ball is put in play by the batter, the coach should stay within the circle, wait for the play to develop and then leave the field play, if at all possible. It is not mandatory for the coach to leave, but he must not interfere with the play or players.

      • The ball used for Pinto will be a regular Baseball 100 core.

      • At Pinto level if coach is hit with the ball, the play will be a dead ball. The batter will not be issued a strike or pitch.   


 20.   Shetland (T-Ball) rules in addition to, or instead of, Pony Rule Book are as:

      • Games shall consist of four innings or time limit with teams batting their entire roster before the inning is completed.

      • There shall be no official score or score book kept as this is a Training League only

      • Team uniforms shall consist of a shirt and hat

      • The over-throw rule will be that an over-throw at any base will result in a dead ball and the runners will not be allowed to advance.

      • If a runner is deemed out, they will be removed from base. Tie will go to the runner.

      • Playing all players in field is at discretion of coach.

      • Innings will either be 3 outs, 5 runs, or the entire lineup batted. The last inning of the game will be unlimited outs and entire lineup will be batted.

      • If ball is hit to outfield, runners can advance

21.   Any team may choose to bat their line-up (all players present and eligible) with free substitution in the field. Batting your line-up                   satisfies the minimum play rules

22.   When batting the bench, a pinch runner will be last recorded out of inning.  If zero outs in inning, pinch runner reverts to previous                 inning.

          - Pinch runner may only be used for pitcher or catcher




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