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Volunteer Program at SRA

Volunteers Run Smithfield Recreation

SRA is an ALL volunteer organization. We rely solely on a devoted legion of adult volunteers to help ensure that the organization remains structured and runs smoothly.  We are always looking for responsible and enthusiastic individuals to support and coordinate SRA, through its administration, events and activities.  In order to have a successful season, all parents of children involved in SRA need to volunteer.  In addition to the key volunteer positions below, every parent will need to assist with field set-up before and clean-up after each practice and game.  Our Managers and coaches devote an extraordinary amount of time to teaching and developing our players.  At a minimum, parents must return the favor by covering the field duties so that the fields remain safe and in the best playing condition possible.

Volunteer “Opt Out” Policy:

In order to encourage more volunteer participation, SRA has instituted an “opt out” policy for volunteering.  Parents opting to not volunteer for one of the Key Volunteer Positions below will be charged an additional $25 per team at registration. Note: Opting out and paying the extra $25 does not excuse anyone from assisting with field set-up before and clean-up after each practice and game or Concession duties. But opting out and paying the extra $25 does excuse them from having to help and perform any of the Key Volunteer positions listed below during the season.


Key Volunteer Positions:


Team Manager or Coach: Being a manager or coach requires time, patience, and basic knowledge of the game of baseball or softball.  Each team has a manager and up to two rostered coaches (three in Pinto and Tee-Ball).  Team managers and coaches will also be required to attend off season meetings and instructional sessions, including Rules and Safety meetings and Coaching Clinics. Team managers and coaches, in conjunction with the website notices, will communicate with the parents/guardians of your players to inform them of any schedule changes, rainouts, and SRA events and activities. As a manager or coach, you have more interaction with young people than anyone else in SRA. Therefore, it is important that you understand the goals and virtues of the SRA program in order to effectively communicate them to your players. If you are interested in managing or coaching, please contact your respective Commissioner.


Team Scorekeeper: (2 positions) Every team needs capable scorekeepers to enter the lineups and record each game accurately and neatly in a scorebook.  This will include recording in the scorebook who is pitching when during the game and keeping a record of the number of innings thrown by each pitcher.  The team manager will rely upon the scorekeeper to record each game properly because innings pitched affects eligibility depending on the league level.  Each team needs more than one scorekeeper to ensure that there is at least one present at the start of and during every game.  If you plan to attend almost every game, know how (or are willing to learn) how to record a game in a baseball or softball scorebook, please volunteer to be a team scorekeeper (or teach someone).


Team Parent (2 positions) : The team contact parent organizes and reports to the league the team volunteer responsibilities and assists the manager with team communications, the team’s website page and team email, including making sure parents are organized to perform field set-up before and clean-up after each practice and game, and coordinating the team's concession stand scheduled shifts.  The team parent must also attend a concession stand training session prior to the start of games to familiarize them with scheduling and responsibilities.  The team parent will also coordinate the Team's Photo Day and distribution and collection of uniforms.  The team parent also helps to organize the end of season team party and communications with the team’s sponsor.  If you are good at organization, scheduling and communication please volunteer to be a team contact parent.  Each team may have up to two team parents to divide up the responsibilities.

Practice & Game Prep Helper:  A helper is a parent who reports to the Manager at each practice and provides directed assistance during the practice.  To qualify as a helper, you must attend and be ready to assist at most practices throughout the season.  A helper does not need to have prior coaching experience and will be guided by the manager or assistant coaches in their assigned tasks.  Additionally, a coach can direct a helper to prepare the game field prior to the announced start time.  This may include raking, dragging, watering,  and resetting of bases and pitching rubbers or mounds.  A helper will also line the field and batters' boxes.  Parent volunteers from each team (if both are SRA teams) will work in conjunction to perform the pre-game preparations.  Following a game, helpers will also rake level the batters' boxes, sliding areas and pitching areas.  Managers will be able to assist you in training so you can prepare the field in accordance with PONY rules.  If you stay at the ballfield for most of your player's practices (and games), this may be a productive way to fulfill your volunteer requirement.  If you are someone who is interested in coaching in the future you may want to volunteer as a practice helper prior to making that commitment.


Field Maintenance Day Volunteers : SRA is responsible for overseeing and performing the maintenance of Beale Park. To get the fields, dugouts and sheds into shape and safe the Association will hold Field Maintenance Days a few times a year to prep the fields before the start of the Spring and Fall seasons, before Tournament season, or after any major storm that damages the fields. The Field Maintenance Days will be announced on the website and through email to all teams and parents.  As a Field Maintenance Day volunteer your skills and abilities may be used to trim grass, trim bushes and trees, remove leaves, replace and rake dirt, zip-tie loose netting, and execute minor repairs on fences, dugouts, benches and bleachers. If you are not afraid of doing a little yard work and have your own rake and some work gloves and can work for a couple hours a couple times as year, please volunteer to be a Field & Facilities Maintenance Day volunteer. 


Board Member : SRA's Board of Directors, elected from and by the adult members of the league, is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the league. To receive credit as a volunteer as a Board Member/League Officer you must already be officially voted in and be acting as a Board Member. Please contact the current President or Secretary if you wish to volunteer to become a future Board Member.  Our current bylaws provide for eleven (11) Board positions, including: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Concessions, Equipment, Building & Grounds, Information Technology, Sponsorships & Publicity, Baseball Commissioner and Softball Commissioner.


End of Season Ceremony Volunteer : At the end off the season we need volunteers to help plan, setup and conduct the Closing Ceremonies and Festivities, including arranging for rides, games, ticketing, and any other special events during the closing ceremonies day.  Volunteers may also serve by getting teams in-correct order, announcing the teams as they enter the field, etc..  Please contact our President or Secretary if you can volunteer to help plan, set up and conduct the Closing Day Ceremonies.

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