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Frequently Asked Questions...

Q- Can my child play if we don't live in Smithfield, Va?

A- Yes, we welcome all families in the surrounding areas.

Q- What are the age ranges for each level?

A- For baseball, Pony determines child's eligibility by their age as of April 30th. For softball, Pony determines child's eligibility by their age as of December 31st. Shetland= Ages 4-6; Pinto= Ages 7-8; Mustang= Ages 9-10; Bronco= Ages 11-12; Pony= 13-14; Colt= Ages 15-16.

Q- When is the deadline for registration?

A- February 23, 2017. After that date, a $25 late fee will apply.

Q- When do practices usually start?

A- Practices will begin after the coach's draft their players which is usually the last week of February.

Q- When will we get our game schedule?

A- Game schedules are released once every association finishes drafting their teams. SRA will provide this schedule as soon as possible! We will have scrimmages on Saturday, March 18th (weather permitting). 

Q- When will games begin?

A- Games will begin March 20th (weather permitting). And we play until the end of May.  

Q- I'd like to coach a team. What do I need to do?

A- Please contact the commissioner; Baseball Commissioner-Justin Hardwick (757) 613-1794 or Softball Commissioner- Tom Dawson (757) 582-6653. Or you can email us at [email protected].

Q- I'd like to volunteer as a team mom. What do I need to do?

A- Let your coach know ASAP. There will be a team mom meeting before the season starts that will provide you with all the details needed!

Q- How long does the season last? How many games, etc.?

A- We usually schedule 13 games total for the regular season. After Memorial Day weekend, tournaments begin for each age bracket and are held until the first weekend of June. (this is subject to change due to weather, etc)

Q- Will there be games over Spring Break? My family may be out of town...

A- There will not be any games scheduled during Spring Break. As far as practices, each coach will decide based on players' availability.

Q- How many practices & games per week and when?

A- Before games begin, there are usually 2 to 3 practices a week based on field/batting cage availability. Two during the week and one on Saturday. Each team usually has a regular practice schedule prior to games beginning. (This is subject to change due to weather, etc.) Once games begin, the usual practice schedule changes to accomodate multiple teams' games and practices with limited fields and batting cages. Your coach will inform you as to schedules week-to-week.  

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