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2023 SRA Concession Guidelines

2023 SRA Concession Guidelines

Scheduling will now be done by Coach and/or Team mom. Every team member is expected to have one person present per game. Once you have your listed games and times, please fill in as soon as possible. Someone is only responsible to work if it is a home game. Once you have your schedule completed, please email it to [email protected].

 Everyone is expected to report to the concession stand 10 minutes prior to the start of their scheduled shift. It is important that each team has their shift covered.
In the event a team does not have someone in the concession stand for the start of their shift, the coach will be notified, and the game will not start or will be stopped (if already in progress) until someone has arrived for the shift.


There are normally 2-3 people scheduled for concessions duty on weeknights and as many as 5 during the day on the weekend. They should each have a specific task during their shift. 


1 person at each window (2 windows)

1 person preparing the food (hotdogs, hamburgers, nachos, popcorn, etc.)


1 person at each window (2 windows)

2 person preparing food (hotdogs, hamburgers, nachos, popcorn, etc.)

1 person restocking items (drinks and snacks)


Umpires: receive 1 free food item and drink per game.  If it is hot outside, they may have as many waters as necessary for their well-being. We ask that they request their food & drink item at the door and do not enter.

Always wear gloves when handling food and never handle money when gloves are on. 

Turn warmer on when you first arrive. Keep the temperature on low.

When Not Busy: Everyone should be cleaning up, restocking, pre-preparing food to put in food warmer, etc. It is important to use this time to keep everything cleaned up and ready to turn over to the next shift.

Cooking Hamburgers & Hotdogs: Weekend games only. Cook 1 package of each at a time. This helps avoid wasted food and we ask that cooks watch the time and cook less at the end of the day.

Nacho Cheese Sauce: Keep the crockpot on low to keep warm. This keeps it from burning to the sides of the crockpot and makes for easier cleanup. Leftovers at the end of the day should be put into a clean crock, covered with foil and placed in the refrigerator. 

Chicken Sandwiches & Microwave Popcorn: Cook as needed in microwave.

Check condiment area & restock when necessary.

Coffee/Hot Water (if cold outside):  Make coffee and hot water and fill decanters. Then make a fresh pot of each so that you always have some ready. Refill and make new as needed.

Sweet Tea: There should always be at least 3 gallons of sweet tea prepared. Instructions for making tea are located in the concession stand. Particularly on Saturdays, it is important to always have hot water brewing to be able to keep up with demand.  

Applies to weekdays and weekends   


Closing Time: The concession stand will close 30 minutes prior to the end of the last scheduled game, which is usually around 8:15pm. An announcement that the concession stand will be closing should be made 15 minutes prior to closing. 

After the concession stand is closed the following is required:

1. Concession area needs to be cleaned and wiped down. Spray cleaner is located under the sink.

2. All dishes washed and put away.

3. Coffee machine/decanters need to be cleaned.

4. Wipe down inside and outside of microwave.

5. Items restocked with what is available in the storage area. It is very important that the coolers are completely stocked so there are cold drinks for the next day.

6. Floor needs to be swept and mopped.

7. Take hotdogs and hamburgers out of the freezer and put them in a cooler to thaw for the next day. 

8. Money count: Put $150.00 back into the till bag. The balance is placed in another envelope with the amount written on it and signed by 2 people. DO NOT COUNT THE LOOSE CHANGE. Place all envelopes into the safe and turn the handle.

9. Make sure all lights are turned off.

10. Make sure all windows are locked.

11. Make sure all refrigerator and freezer doors are shut.

At least one coach is required to stay at the field until the concession stand is closed, money put in safe, and trash taken away.


Everyone in the concession stand needs to remember to be polite to patrons and co-workers.
Remember that you are representing Smithfield Recreation Association.

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