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Parkside LL (Parkrose-Lakeside)

Frequently Asked Questions


Current Parkside Covid guidelines: here

How do I sign my child up for baseball or tee-ball?

  • Click on the REGISTER button in the top right corner to create an account, then enter your information, then "add a participant" (your child's information). When you enter your child's birthday, you should see the program division(s) in which they are eligible to play. You can check out and pay with a credit/debit card. If you have ANY trouble with registering online, please email [email protected] and we can assist you!
  • In-person registrations will not be held at this time.

Skills assessments are usually required for players 8-12yrs. This year, things look a little different. Minors and Majors players (8-12)  will be evaluated for skill level and safety, to help determine draft and team placement. All kids play in Little League. We hold assessments to aid in team parity.

  • Softball (ages 4-14) will play with Beaumont Softball collaboration. If you are within Parkside boundaries, please sign up for softball at

How much does it cost to register my child?

Tee-ball is $75 (ages 4-5yrs). Baseball is $125 (ages 6yrs and up). $20 off each additional player. Coaches will receive $25 off per team.
Our registration fee remains the same this season. Due to the pandemic, families may be experiencing changing financial situations. Please email us if you need scholarship assistance or want to donate to our scholarship fund.
We ask that each player participate in our annual fundraiser* and require each family to volunteer at least 8 hours during the season (Concession shifts, field work, projects, committees). This entire organization is run solely by volunteers and we can't do it without you!

What does my child need to play?

  • A baseball glove (for non-dominant hand). Dick's Sporting Goods & Big 5 have many options, you can also look at thrift stores for good, used equipment. We will host an equipment swap for families at field cleanup day!
  • We provide Parkside baseball hats to each player. We have fan clothing/hats available for purchase on our website FAN STORE.
  • For Tee-ball and Farm divisions, we provide jersey tshirts. Minors & Majors divisions are provided jerseys.
  • Grey baseball pants are not required for Tee-ball but encouraged. They do look nice and keep your own clothes free of grass/mud stains! Grey pants required for all other divisions.
  • Cleats are not required for Tee-ball, but they are helpful for traction & safety as the fields get slippery, and cleats are easy to change out of when muddy (versus getting tennis shoes dirty), keeping your car clean too! All other divisions require cleats.
  • Players will need their own personal batting helmets for hygienic reasons and this also helps make batting lineups run more smoothly.
  • When you buy a bat, please follow the link below for the newest regulations; look for the lighter-weight, shorter bats based on your child's height and division (Dick's Sporting Goods can help you choose). It doesn't need to be long & fancy; many players learn to bat much better with basic, lightweight aluminum styles*


What does my child need to know to play?

Learning how to work as a team, listen to a coach, build self-esteem & confidence, and feeling good about a sport (particularly baseball) are great outcomes for any age! 

  • For Minors & Majors divisions, coaches will work with players to develop playing positions and batting. Players are drafted to teams after skills evaluations. 9yrs & up must know the positions & bases, how to throw, catch and field a ball. Stealing bases, pitching & sliding are allowed. *Scorekeepers and concession workers are needed! Please sign up to volunteer or email* [email protected]
  • For lower divisions, we always work on the basics & fundamentals of baseball. No scoring; we win every game if we have fun and stay safe! Tee-ball players focus on safety, teamwork & sportsmanship; learning how to bat from a tee then run through 1st base, throw, catch & field a ball, and be safe with equipment & on the field. Farm players will expand on these skills, build more confidence and learn to bat from a coach or player pitch, and be catcher. Farm players should begin to know each base and position. Coaches will assign and rotate positions each inning.

    Tee-ball (4-5yo)
    Introduction to the sport, focusing on safety and team sportmanship while learning fundamentals of baseball; how to bat off the tee, which way to run, how to throw and use a glove to catch.

    Farm (6-8yo): no score is kept, interlocks in district (away games).
    Single A: moving up from tee-ball or new to baseball. Coach pitches the ball but can still use the tee during games if needed. Kids start learning & playing all the positions.
    Double A: no tee is used. Kids try all positions and start to pitch during games. Base running, throwing & catching is strengthened and single plays are made.

    Minors (9-10yo)
    Competition begins; scoring runs & outs, stealing bases & sliding. State Tournament eligible. Players know the positions well and where to make the play. More excitement for spectators! Volunteer Umpires are needed.

    Majors (10-12yo)
    Eligible for LL International Tournament, players specialize in positions and start to make multiple plays. Spectators are very into the game! Umpires are needed.

When will practices and games be held?

  • Your assigned coach will contact you in March to notify you of the team's practice day and time. You will receive an email once practices are put on your team's Calendar in Team Central.
  • Tee-ball and Farm divisions practice once per week, on a weeknight at Lakeside/Falbo or a neighborhood park/school. Games are on Saturdays (morning/afternoon).
  • Minors & Majors divisions typically practice twice per week with 2 games per week (a weeknight and on Saturday).
  • We interlock with neighboring leagues in our district for play on most levels, traveling within North & Northeast Portland for away games.
  • Game schedules will be posted in Team Central. You will also receive a copy via email.
  • You can download the Team Manager app for your smartphone to quickly see your team schedule, post discussions, share photos, assign tasks (like snacks) and easily email/text your coach or team!

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