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Girls Equipment Overview

Equipment for girls lacrosse is different than boys lacrosse and gear cannot be interchanged between the two. As with any sport the prices and quality of equipment varies. Each player is required to have certain items for the position they play. 

For equipment purposes we have two positions in girls lacrosse:

Field Player
Goalie******* Please note that we as a club have limited loaner goalie gear for the ES & MS teams. Please contact a board member if your child is interested in playing goalie ASAP

The gear for these positions is very different and we have listed out the minimum gear needed below for each position. If you have any questions about what brand/style of gear please contact a board member of Oak Park Lacrosse before you purchase your gear. 

We are also very lucky to Lacrosse Unlimited in our area. The team at Lacrosse Unlimited knows lacrosse and can advise you on what gear to purchase. Starter packages are available and they price match the box stores. When you go to LAX Unlimited please ask for Tommy and let them know you child is playing Oak Park Lacrosse. They will take care of you:

Lacrosse Unlimited
30865 Thousand Oaks Blvd, Westlake Village, CA 91362
Phone: (818) 483-4251


Field Player LAX Equipment

Equipment for Girls Lacrosse

Each field player must have the following gear to practice and play games:

Field Player


*Must be lacrosse-specific

*Meets the ASTM International standard performance specifications.

*Proper fit should be based on manufacturer's’ guidelines & requirements on their  website or included with the goggles

Lacrosse Stick

* The lacrosse stick is made of wood, laminated wood, or synthetic material, with a shaped net pocket at the end.

* A girl's stick must be an overall length of 35.5 - 43.25 inches.

*The pocket of the stick must be strung traditionally; no mesh is allowed.

*The top of the ball when dropped in the pocket must remain above the side walls.


*All players must wear mouthguards.

* Variety of materials, sizes, colors & fitting options.

*Must be visible color other than clear or white.

*Self-molding (from manufacturers) or custom-molded (from dentists).

*Proper fit allows players to talk, cover the upper jaw of teeth & not cause discomfort.

*May not be altered to decrease protection; can cut if too large for athlete’s mouth.

Cleats (Field Shoes)

* Soccer cleats are ok, some players do choose lacrosse specific cleats.

OPTIONAL (Field Players)


*If worn, they must be close-fitting & should be comfortable for player while holding a stick.

*Goalie gloves not permitted for field players


*The use of headgear is optional in girls' and women's lacrosse.

*Any headgear used after January 1, 2017 must meet the ASTM standard, F3137.

*The ASTM standard, F3137, is a performance standard, not a design standard.

*Product designs will likely vary from one manufacturer to another.

*Products must provide full coverage of the head.

*Products must be worn with required ASTM women’s lacrosse eyewear.

*There must be marking on both the packaging and product that states that the headgear conforms to ASTM standard F3137.

Goalie Equipment

Goalie Equipment

If your child is a goalie or is considering being a goalie please contact an OPLAX board member ASAP to discuss goalie gear before you buy or visit Lacrosse Unlimited and ask for Tommy. Tommy was a college goalie, coaches youth lacrosse and can help guide you on what gear is best at the youth level.  

*The goalkeeper must wear a helmet with face mask (NOCSAE approved), separate throat protector, padded gloves, mouth piece, and chest protector. 

*The goalkeeper may wear padding on arms, legs, and shoulders which does not excessively increase the size of those body parts. 

*High school level and below must wear padding on thighs and shins. 

*Youth level must wear some form of abdominal and pelvic protection.

*Goalies are required to wear padded gloves.

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