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Lacrosse is a unique youth sport that reinforces traditional values taught by many families throughout America. The primary goal of Oak Park Lacrosse Club (OPLC) is to provide players with a positive and fun athletic experience that encourages, among other things, leadership, teamwork, discipline, and the development of student athletes. Through this mission and unwavering commitment of The OPLC, we endeavor to help players build character and achieve the highest level success possible, both academically and physically. In order to achieve these goals, The OPLC and its coaches/volunteers work to create an environment that makes this possible and probable.

With that said, we need the help of our OPLC parents and families as well. ALL parents, guardians and player's families and/or friends are expected to read and adhere to this OPLC Code of Conduct. The OPLC reserves the right to discipline, including and up to, suspension or expulsion from the OPLC, any parent(s), guardian(s), player or player's family or friends that, in the view of the OPLC Board, violates any part of said Code of Conduct.

Players shall represent The OPLC, the Oak Park community, and the game of lacrosse in a positive manner at all times.  Any player that does not maintain a high standard of character, on and off the field (including the use of social media), will be subject to disciplinary measures by The OPLC. Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to, rudeness to coaches, teammates, opposing players, referees, spectators, parents, teachers, school administrators, and any other person while representing the team or OPLC.

Oak Park Lacrosse Code of Conduct

  1. The OPLC Lacrosse Code of Conduct:

    1.   All OPLC team members should play in the spirit of the game. That is to be a team first player!

    2.   All OPLC members are to HONOR the game. Each person should respect the rules of the game and treat officials, opponents, teammates and coaches with respect.

    3.   The value of winning shall never be placed above the value of instilling the highest ideals of character.

    4.   The head coach and all assistant coaches shall act in a courteous manner and also shall endeavor in every way to achieve the same from players, coaches and parents.

    5.   One of the team's coaches shall be designated the head coach. The head coach is responsible for making all decisions for that team. It is the head coach's responsibility to see that players and substitutes are equipped properly, both mentally and physically, to play.

    6.   Coaches are responsible for controlling their players, spectators and any other persons associated with their program.

    7.   Abusive, profane or violent behavior or language by coaches, players or fans at any OPLC function, including but not limited to practices and games, will not be tolerated. Behavior in this manner may result in member suspension or expulsion from participation or attendance at any OPLC game or activity. Subject to input from the Southern California Lacrosse Association (SCLA), the OPLC Board and its Disciplinary Committee shall decide suspension or expulsion. All decisions of OPLC and SCLA are final and not subject to appeal.

    8.   No alcoholic beverages or any intoxicating substances or intoxicated individuals are allowedat any OPLC game or practice.

    9.   A player must not conduct him/herself in a rough, dangerous or unsportsmanlike manner during any OPLC game or practice.

24 Hour 'Cool Down Period' Rule and Protocol


The purpose of this rule and protocol is to (i) ensure the safety of all Oak Park Lacrosse Club players, coaches, spectators, and volunteers, (ii) to protect the integrity of game day decision-making and coaches judgment, (iii) improve the quality of the game day experience for all participants from Oak Park and opposing clubs, and (iv) encourage and ultimately insist that all OPLax players, coaches, parents, spectators, and volunteers adhere at all times to the highest level of sportsmanship during lacrosse events and to make every effort to Honor the Game as required under the Oak Park Lacrosse Club Code of Conduct and as published by the US Lacrosse Association.


No parent or guardian (referred to as a “Parent”) of any player in the Oak Park Lacrosse Club (“OPLax”) is permitted to approach in person, telephone, text, or email any OPLax head and assistant coach(es) (each, a “Coach”)  to discuss a game, a game incident, or a situation that occurred during the game (including, but not limited to, playtime or position assignments) that has provoked an adverse emotional response or a hostile situation (collectively and independently referred to as a “Game Day Incident”) until at least 24hours have elapsed after the official end of the game (the “Cool Down Period”). 

Coaches are instructed to not discuss directly with any Parent any Game Day Incident until at least 24 hours have elapsed after the game.  This 24 hour Cool Down Period and related protocols are referred to together as the “Cool Down Rule.” 

Any violation of this Cool Down Rule as determined by the involved Coach will result in a mandatory one-game suspension of the Parent responsible for the violation and a review of the violation by the Oak Park Lacrosse Club Board of Directors (the “OPLax Board”).  This is a “zero tolerance” rule. 

Depending on the severity of the violation, at the sole discretion of the OPLax Board, further action may be warranted and additional consequences may be levied by the OPLax Board against the Parent or Parent’s player(s)(i.e., multiple game suspensions).

Any subsequent violations of the Cool Down Rule (which may occur as a result of the same Game Day Incident) may result in further action by the OPLax Board, including expulsion (without refund) of the player and parents from OPLax for the remainder of the season or, depending on the facts, longer. 

Violations of the Cool Down Rule are entirely within the control of the Parents, and any consequences arising from any violation shall not be subject to appeal.

Notwithstanding the Cool Down Rule, during the Cool Down Period, a Parent may discuss a Game Day Incident with the designated Team Manager or any OPLax Board Member (who is not otherwise a Coach); provided that, (i) the Parent is calm and in complete control of his/her emotions, (ii) no player on the team, including the Parent’s player is present, and (iii) the Parent shall have first discussed the Game Day Incident privately with his/her/their player to ensure that the player agrees with the Parent.

Importantly, participation on an OPLax team is a privilege earned by the player—not the Parent, however, the Parent can lose their child's privilege.

In the event of any Game Day Incident involving a legitimate concern regarding their Player’s safety, a Parent may immediately discuss such concerns with the Team Manager.  In addition, the Cool Down Rule shall not prevent any Coach from addressing the team or players after any game in customary fashion, and shall not prevent any player (so long as their Parent is not present) from engaging in a conversion with a Coach following a game to learn how they might move forward in practice to earn additional playtime in games or have a better opportunity to try new positions.

In the event that a Parent complies with the Cool Down Rule, and feels that any response or action by a Coach or the Team Manager is unsatisfactory, such Parent may apprise the OPLax Board of the facts and request that further investigation be undertaken or action be considered.

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