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The Boys & Girls Clubs of Huntington Valley Arena Soccer programs, consists of:

●       Pee Wee League (ages 3 ½ - 4 ½ as of June 1):  5 v 5 + Goalkeeper

●       K-League (ages 4 ½ - 5 as of June 1):   5 v 5 + Goalkeeper

●       Division 1 (ages 6-7 as of June 1):   5 v 5 + Goalkeeper

●       Division 2 (ages 8-10 as of June 1):  5 v 5 + Goalkeeper

●       Division 3 (ages 11-13 as of June 1):  4 v 4 + Goalkeeper


1.   Official Rules:

The Boys and Girls Coaches Code of Conduct will be strictly adhered to at all times. FIFA Laws of the game and BGCHV rules shall be the official rules for all games.

      A.  Scoring:   A goal is scored when the entire ball goes completely over the goal line, under the crossbar and between the goal posts, while the ball is legally in play.  Any player on a team may score goals, including the goalkeeper.  Any team with a 10 or more point advantage will have their score blanked from the scoreboard. Similarly, referees and BGCHV staff may determine that scores should be blanked for margins of less than 10, depending on game, age, and situation.

                  1. Pee Wee League: does not keep score/no playoffs.

                  2. K-League: does not keep score/no playoffs.

                  3. Division 1: keeps score/teams participate in playoffs

                  4. Division 2: keeps score/teams participate in playoffs

                  5. Division 3: keeps score/teams participate in playoffs

      B.        Kickoff Procedure:         Referees shall determine at each site, which team is determined to kick-off first, prior to each game. Teams will then alternate kick-off’s to begin each subsequent period of the game. Kickoffs shall be considered indirect kicks. As per current FIFA laws, the ball may be kicked off in any direction - and the player who has kicked off, may not touch the ball again, until the ball is touched by another player.

      C.  Three-Line Violation:   A player is guilty of a three-line violation when he/she passes (or is the last to touch the ball) across three lines in the air towards his/her opponent’s goal line -  without the ball touching another player, the perimeter wall or the referee between the red lines.  When a three-line violation is called, the opposing team will receive a free kick at the center white line.  The three-line violation does not apply to direct free kicks, and is at the discretion of the referee.

      D.  Goal Area & Goal Sizes:    Players may go in the designated goal area at each site to save a goal or score a goal when the ball is in the goal area.  Once the goalie has possession of the ball with his/her hands, the attacking team must vacate the goal area.

            1.   Pee-Wee League will use smaller goals (almost the size of hockey goals.)

            2.   K-League, and Divisions 1, 2, and 3 will use the regulation size soccer goal.

      E.   Ball out of play:   The ball is out of play if a goal is scored, the ball goes over the perimeter wall, hits the basketball apparatus, or the referee stops play.  The clock stops when instructed by the referee.  Play will be restarted at the referee’s discretion by designating a free kick, drop ball or kickoff.

      F.   Goalies:

            1.   As per FIFA laws, goal kicks may be played anywhere within the defending goal area, at each site. All opposing players, must be outside the designated penalty box at each site, until the ball is kicked.

            2.   Goalkeepers may not bounce the ball to themselves.

            3.   If a teammate intentionally passes the ball to the goalkeeper, the goalie may not pick up the ball.

            4.   The goalkeeper has five (5) seconds to release the ball back into play.

            5.   If a goalkeeper gains possession of the ball outside of the goal area, he/she may not pick up the ball inside of the goal area until an opponent has touched it or play has been stopped.

            6.   If a goalkeeper releases the ball into play, he/she may not pick it up again until an opponent has touched it or play has been stopped.

            7.   When picking up and/or maintaining possession of the ball, at least a portion of the goalkeeper’s foot must remain inside the goal area.  No punts or drop kicks allowed.

      G.  Fouls and Misconduct:

            1.   Fouls:

                  a.   Kicking or attempting to kick an opponent.

                  b.   Tripping or attempting to trip an opponent.

                  c.   An attempted slide tackle or intentional sliding on the playing surface.

                  d.   Pushing an opponent.

                  e.   Holding an opponent, including jersey pulling.

                  f.    Deliberately handling the ball without the referee’s permission.

                  g.   Bench misconduct – verbal abuse directed from bench to players on the field of play.

            2.   Misconduct:

                  a.   Cautions (Yellow Card)

                        1.   Unsportsmanlike conduct.

                        2.   Dissent by word or action.

                        3.   Delaying the restart of the game.

                        4.   Obstructing a free kick or penalty kick.

                        5.   Kicking the ball when in the goalkeeper’s hands.

                        6.   Entering or reentering the field of play without the referee’s permission.

                        7.   Deliberately leaving the field of play without the referee’s permission.

                  b.   Sending off (Red Card)

                        1.   Intentional violence.

                        2.   Spitting at an opponent.

                        3.   Using offensive, insulting, or abusive language.

                        4.   Receiving a second yellow card.

            3.   Penalties:

                  a.   Fouls and cautions receive a penalty time of 2-5 minutes, depending on severity, during which the offender’s team must compete shorthanded.

                  b.   Red cards receive an immediate expulsion from the game in addition to a one game suspension.

                  c.   Any foul or misconduct will result in a free kick to the opposing team.  All free kicks are direct (excluding kickoff.)  A team will have five (5) seconds to take a free kick.  Ten feet are required between the defending player and the ball.  All direct kicks must be taken at least 20 feet from the goal. Any direct kick resulting in a foul inside of 20 feet of the goal, but not in the goal area will be moved back to 20 feet from the goal. Quick restarts are allowed.  No whistle is required on free kicks.  Delay of game by the defense will result in a warning, then a two minute penalty.  A penalty kick will be taken when a foul occurs by an opponent, in the opponent’s goal area.  The kick will be taken from the top of the goal area.  During the kick, the goalkeeper may move their feet from side to side, but parts of both feet must be touching the goal line at the moment of the kick.  A penalty kick will also be taken if the last defender commits a penal offense against the attacker that denies him/her a reasonable goal scoring chance.  During penalty kicks, only the team with possession of the ball will be allowed to call time-outs. 

                  d.   Referee:   It is the referee’s job to call the game as he/she sees it.  The referee controls the game, including all substitutions, and the safety of the environment in which the game is played.  The game may be stopped, suspended, or terminated at the referee’s discretion.


2.   Uniforms:

      A.  Players standard uniform should consist of the current BGCHV issued game jersey, black shorts, socks, and shin guards - and should be worn at all games. Belts for shorts are not allowed.

      B.  Jerseys should be tucked into shorts during the entire game.

      C.  Players shall wear flat soled, indoor soccer shoes, or tennis shoes; no cleats!

      D.  Players without all pieces of their standard uniform, may be prohibited from playing as determined by the referee.


3.   Playing Time:

      A.  Pee-Wee:         Four five-minute periods.

            K-League:       Four five-minute periods.

            Division I:       Three ten-minute periods. 

            Division II:      Three twelve-minute periods.

            Division III:    Three twelve-minute periods.

B.     All games use a running clock.  Clock only stops for time-outs, injuries, and on dead balls during the last two minutes of a game in which the score difference is no more than three goals.  The clock may also be stopped at any other time, only at the discretion of the referee, scorekeeper, or staff member.

C.     Break between periods is exactly one minute.

D.    Two one-minute time-outs per team per game. Time-outs may only be called on a ref whistles or goal possession of the ball.

E.     Overtime:

1.   Overtime will only during playoff games.

2.   Overtime is three (3) minutes and are not sudden death.

3.   Clock will stop on all dead balls in overtime.

4.   Teams are free to play whomever they want who is registered on their roster.

5.   One time-out is allowed per team during overtime.

6.   Games still tied after overtime will be determined by penalty kicks.

      a.   Each team shall choose five (5) players and a goalie to participate in the shoot-out.

      b.   Home team will decide whether to go first or second.

      c.   Teams will then alternate kicks.

      d.   Winning team will be the one to score the most goals after the five kicks.

      e.   Games still tied will move into sudden death shoot-out.

            1.   Sudden death shoot-out is one-on-one.

                        2.   Each player will take a penalty kick. If both make or both miss their shots, two other players will go one-on-one going through the entire present roster with no repeats, until one team has a score advantage.


4.   Player participation and substitution:

      A.  Each player must play at least half the game unless cleared through the scorer’s table. The designated scorekeeper at each site, may stop play at any point, to ensure players are receiving fair playing time.


      B. Division 1 Soccer - fair time should be broken down as follows:

            Teams with 6 Players – Everyone plays the entire game

            Teams with 7 Players – 6 Players will play 25 minutes, 1 player will play 30 minutes.

            Teams with 8 Players – 4 Players will play at least 20 minutes, 4 players will play 25 minutes.

            Teams with 9 Players – All players play 20 minutes.

            Teams with 10 players – 6 Players will play 20 minutes, 4 players will play 15 minutes.

      B.  Division 2-3 Soccer - all teams fielding more than the minimum number required to play must sit each player at least six (6) minutes per game.


5.   Coach responsibilities and conduct:

      A.  A coach will be responsible for the sportsmanship or his/her players.

      B.  The coach will be responsible for his/her team supporters and parents (If there are any problems with a fan, parent, or spectator from your team, you and those involved may be asked to leave the game and the area in which the game is taking place or the game will be forfeited.)

      C.  Only coaches may request a time-out.

      D.  Coaches must act in a responsible sportsmanlike manner at all times.

      E.   No more than two coaches and the players are allowed on the bench at any one time.

      F.   For PW and K-League ONLY: a maximum of (1) BGCHV certified coach per team, may be allowed on the field at any time. Coaches on the field can only instruct players, and must not interfere with play. If BGCHV staff determine that a coach(es) on the field are disrupting play, they can limit coaches to their team bench at any time.

      G.  Coaches need to inform parents of important information regarding their team, their practices, their games, and any other important athletic information.

      H.  Coaches need to inform parents there will be no horseplay or hanging in or on the indoor soccer arenas, in addition, the athletic staff will reinforce this rule.


6.   Ball size:

      A.  Pee-Wee through Division II will use a size 4 ball.

      B.  Division III will use a size 5 ball.


7.   Game start time & minimum player requirements:

      A.  The scheduled game time is kickoff time.  If prior games run longer than anticipated, and delay the start of the following game, or games - teams will be given three minutes to warm up and fill out line-up cards, before the referees will start the game.  Teams with less than the required minimum to play at game time, will be allowed a maximum of ten minutes after the scheduled game time, to field the minimum number of players to start the game.

      B.  The minimum number of players to start and play a legal game, is two (2) less than the normal starting lineup. (for example, since Division 2 teams play with 6 on the field, 4 is the minimum player requirement for Division 2).

      C. For games that are declared a forfeit, teams may choose to scrimmage during    their allotted time, but no score shall be kept.


8.   Injury:

      A.  If a player is injured, the referee will stop play and all players should take a knee on the field immediately.

      B.  Coaches are only to come onto the field only when signaled by the referee.  Parents are not to enter the arena unless approved by the athletic staff and the referee. 


9.   Playoff participation:   Any player who does not play in at least four regular season games will not be eligible for playoff participation.


Tie breakers will be as follows for leagues with 4 teams:

      Total Season Point Value (wins, losses, ties), Total Wins, Head to Head Competition (only in divisions where there are 4 teams due to equal opportunity of head to head play will this be used as a third tie breaker), Goals Against Average, Coin Toss

Tie breakers will be as follows for leagues with 5 or more teams:

      Total Season Point Value (wins, losses, ties), Total Wins, Head to Head Competition, Goals Against Average, Coin Toss


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